About Us

I LOVE graphic design! When I went off to college, I had big dreams of being a journalist... Until I realized how much I hate journalism. But that was around the same time that I discovered graphic design. I had a professor, who first taught me how to use Photoshop, and he opened a world of possibilities for me. After that, I took all the Digital Communications courses I could get into.

Shortly after I graduated, I got engaged and began to plan a wedding for the following year. In order to save money, I asked for family members' help and did a lot of things myself, including the save the dates. It was so wonderful seeing my work being printed and used in the way it was intended.

I worked my way through a couple of entry level jobs before coming to work for a company called Typical Life Corporation. It was there at my love of graphic design gained so much support. The work combines two of my greatest passions, graphic design and helping others. I have realized that this love is not something that has to be just a hobby. While I am dedicated to my work at TLC, I have decided that I can share my passion for graphic design on the side. Welcome, to Moment-OH! Graphic Design.