Our Panel Of Advisors include healthcare specialists. Our advisors review various medicines which are currently being consumed by people, along with that, MOMEDS debunks myths and misconceptions regarding various healthcare related topics with the support of the Panel of Advisors. They are also interviewed, their opinions on Global Health are shared on our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. While being deeply involved in their respective organizations, they aptly contribute to MOMEDS by sharing their expertise and experiences. As a pharmaceutical service, it is our priority to provide you with the maximum knowledge of an drug or medicine that you wish to consume. This is why, we have formed a panel of health specialists, who will provide the best reviews on your desired drug or medicine.

If you have any questions for our health experts, please contact us.


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What we do

With a hope to accelerate the establishment of digital Bangladesh, MOMEDS provides a platform which raises awareness regarding healthcare and reaches healthcare benefits to the underprivileged population in Bangladesh. With an objective of touching lives, and by harnessing the power of technology, MOMEDS aims to provide all healthcare services through one platform.



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