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New York Mold Assessors Inc

Mold infestation is generally a result of water damage and/or flooding, seepage, leakage, condensation as well as excessive moisture and humidity which provide conditions conducive to both visual and/or airborne mold growth. Mold litigation against a builder and/or contractor generally relies on evidence that the builder/contractor failed to prevent water infiltration or actually caused the water infiltration, generally through poor roofing, drainage or piping. Mold cases against landlords are generally based upon their failure to make repairs, thereby resulting in moisture buildup and/or subsequent mold growth as well as their failure to remove the mold. Property owners may be found liable based on constructive notice, where they should have known of a defect, either the cause of mold growth, such as any water intrusions and/or the mold growth itself. Damages are in most cases, recovered for both repairs of the property as well as personal injuries including harm and health due to acute or long term mold exposure.