Funk / Rock / Blues / Groove Band.

MojoNative, a 5 piece groove/jam band formed on the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland Australia late in 2017.

Collectively influenced by the rock music movement of the 60’s and 70’s including both the British Progressive Rock scene and the brass infused American Southern Rock bands of that era, the material is laced with riffs, hooks and harmonies.

Appearing at major events, community festivals and local venues, the band’s captivating, high-energy performances combine elements of Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Rock, sure to get your toes tapping!

Corey Abbott - Guitar, Vocals.

Songwriter and inspiration for the group. Happy to push his favoured Vox into that sacred place, sweet saturation territory.

A man with a voice and a story to tell.

Jason Atkins - Drums.

Can bend time if required; syncopated, percussive with a physical approach. The driving force within the band. Music production, arrangements.

Leaves the kit in a pool of shredded timber.

Mark Gibson - Saxophone.

At home blowing big solo’s or holding a note under a vocal line.

A tasteful, melodic player who can move an audience.

Jake UhlmannBass.

Keeper of the low frequencies.

Injects his own infectious brand of funk and groove into the mix. Leaves ‘the zone’ only when offered confectionery.

Peter DevineGuitar, Vocals.

Backup vocals and an integral part of the rhythm section. The ‘chime’ in the balance of time.