Genetic evolution and climate change

(Starting September 2019)

Our lab works at the interface of plant ecology, evolutionary genetics, and bioinformatics. We develop new computational methods and analyze genomic, experimental, and climate data to understand the dynamics of adaptation of populations and the mutations driving them. We then use this knowledge to forecast species evolutionary outcomes under global change and figure out how to aid adaptation in the future to avoid species extinctions.

An important current project of the lab, co-coordinated with François Vasseur (CNRS) and Niek Scheepens (U. Tübingen), is a distributed global evolution experiment, GrENE-net.org, which aims to test the evolvability of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana in many climates around the world.

The lab is located at the Department of Plant Biology of the Carnegie Institution for Science, based in Stanford University, where we are also co-affiliated to Stanford's Department of Biology

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