Mohave Robotics Club

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This website is intended to provide students and parents with schedules and information for this season's club activities. Check this page frequently for news and announcements.

Club Information

Robotics Club meets every Friday from 2:30 to 4:30 in room 237. Seventh-grade science teacher, Mr. Bert te Velde, is the Mohave Robotics Coach. See the documents below for important information about the club and how to stay connected via Remind.

2017 FLL Tournament - Mohave Team wins Judges Award for Teamwork! Great job, Mohave!

Important Documents

2017 Mohave Robotics Info.docx
Remind invite-1.pdf

2017-2018 Calendar of Events

Please see the calendar below for upcoming meeting and tournament dates.


See all emails and announcements from Mr. te Velde below:

Bert te Velde

5/18/18 9:25 AM (0 minutes ago)

Dear Robotics family,

You are receiving this email because you were involved in robotics at Mohave at some time this school year. If you do not have a direct interest in planning for next year, please feel free to forward this message to those who may be interested


(for ALL VEX IQ students who participated this year)

On Monday 5/21 after school we will clean up our parts and table. Please be so kind to help out. If you cannot make it on Monday, please let me know.

We will be done by 430. I ask that you have a ride by that time or walk home then.

We will distribute the leftover t-shirts form this year among students who attend on Monday.


(For ALL students who are thinking about doing VEX IQ next year)

During our meeting on Monday 5/21 we will introduce next year’s challenge and start thinking about strategies and ideas.

If you did not participate in VEX IQ this year and only wish to hear about next year plans, you may leave by 3 pm. Parents are encouraged to attend.


This year, we are working on a special opportunity. One of our families has offered to host a VEX IQ exploration camp at their house over the summer.

This is not a school sanctioned activity. Mohave nor SUSD is part of the organization or management of this initiative.

We will check out VEX IQ materials (Table, field kit, robots) to the family to use.

We are looking for highly motivated students with prior experience in competitive robotics (FLL or VEX IQ) to participate.

Details are still open with regard to timing, frequency of meetings, etc. Our ambition is to allow students to take the VEX IQ experience back to the level that we had previously, when students also had time outside school to design, build, program and practice.

Based on our summer experience, we may group these students in a competition team that is offered opportunities to attend early tournaments in the 18/19 school year or participate in a monthly robotics competition among alley teams.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please email me back with your child’s name, experience and ambitions and include your home telephone and email.

Finally 8th grade students/future Sabercats: If you are interested in mentoring next year, we count on you attending the Monday meeting !

Thank you for your support of the Mohave robotics teams.

Bert te Velde

Science 7th grade / Robotics Coach

NBCT, M.Sc, M.Ed

Mohave Middle School

8490 E Jackrabbit Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

(480) 484-5200 Ext. 45268

Room 237


It’s time to wrap up the season robotics students! (Except VEX; we go on into 2018!). We already announced this during morning announcements; this is to make sure you planned at home.

TOMORROW, after school at our regular time and place, we will wrap up the season. We need your help to put away all materials. The more hands, the less time it will take.

For all students who worked with MS. Leung who are present tomorrow, we have a special surprise. Of course, we expect our FLL teams to evaluate the season and make sure the next teams have the best start possible!

See you all at 230 in room 237. Make sure you have a ride home by 430!


Dear FLL parents,

On Saturday December 9th, your daughter/son will compete at the FLL tournament at Mohave. At this time, we need to finalize the registration with FIRST (the organization that runs the competitions).

The process runs through the FIRST website. We have established teams with mentors. Next, I will invite team members to register.

By return email I need a name of a parent and your email address to use for registration (one preferred email per family).

Please send me this information ASAP and look for emails from FIRST for you to sign up your child. I will be able to follow the process on a dashboard on the website and will make sure that all students are registered properly.

Thank you for your help. Please send your questions or concerns by return email as well.



Dear FLL team members,

Due to Veterans day, we will not meet this week. Although the teams are making great progress, I can imagine that some of you may get nervous about missing this week (and two weeks from now).

1. I’d like to let you know that we have a practice of opening our room for teams after school the week before the tournament to finish last minute things. This year, that will tentatively be on Monday December 4, Wed December 6 and Thu December 7.

2. I am trying to get other teams from the district to come to Mohave on Wednesday to present their projects to each other.

3. Look out for further news. Great work so far, I encourage you to hit YouTube over the weekend and start looking for other teams ideas.

4. Search for “FLL hydrodynamics” for robot runs and “FLL hydrodynamics project” for presentations.

5. Please share your comments and ideas on Classroom.

6. Parents: please pencil in the December 9 tournament (in addition to the fat markings in pen for your child’s attendance!) to volunteer. I will send out links later this week.

7. You will also receive emails from FIRST Robotics as I submit the names of students to compete. We will need your approval.

Please send your questions or concerns.

Date: 9/8/17

As we are collecting your contact info, we want to ask you to sign up for Remind text messages. If you are ok with your child receiving Remind messages, feel free to have them sign up. Over the season, these are our options to communicate:

  • Google Classroom: Students sign up for this online platform. We post information about tournaments, progress on engineering notebook, robot design, challenge updates, etc.
  • Email. Like this one, general information aimed at parents
  • Remind text alerts. Quick messages about change of schedules, including extra club meetings prior to tournaments
  • Phone. Usually rare, when students are not picked up by 4:30 or in case of emergencies.

During club time, we ask that students stay away from their phones. If there are potential issues with pickup, students may check their phones occasionally.

The classroom can always be reached at 480-484-5200 ext 45268 or ext 45267

Date: 9/7/17

This Saturday 9/9/17 will be the annual FIRST kickoff at ASU. It is an amazing opportunity for everybody who is into FLL or EV3 robotics. I do encourage you to go to ASU and listen to presenters, meet other students and parents and feel the excitement of the programs. I look forward to hearing students report on the event next week. More information will be provided at Friday's meeting.

For details go to this link ->

Date: 9/6/17

Two weeks ago I handed out forms to students to submit contact information. Only a handful were returned. Below please find a link you can use to submit the information online. It will likely require you to log in with a SUSD susdgapps account (your child has one). Thank you for your help.

Link ->

Date: 9/6/17

We are on our way with the robotics program and the energy on our Friday meetings is inspiring. It would be great if we could conclude the administrative part of payments ASAP. Please take a moment to make your payment with Ms. Julie Brown at the Mohave office or online at

Make sure to select Mohave, Robotics and add your student’s name.

Regular fees are:

Starting students: $ 60

FLL team students : $120

VEX IQ $ 180

Students on free or reduced lunch may contact Ms. Brown to make arrangements for payments. FLL and VEX students may pay in $60/quarter installments. Please send me your questions or concerns. Thank you for arranging timely pickup at 430. These first weeks were awesome!