Moguri Mod

Final Fantasy IX Recreated

What is Moguri Mod ?

Moguri Mod is a total revamping of the PC port of Final Fantasy IX through Deep Learning techniques. The most important changes are in the background arts, that are now more detailled, clean & have an higher resolution.

Moguri Mod also includes a custom implementation of Memoria Mod, offering more customisation & options over the original game.

How much better is it ?

A image is better than a thousand words, so here is a direct comparaison with the original PC version.

More screenshots are available here.

You can also view a stream replay (french stream) of an early alpha version, explaining also how it was done.

It's also about the music !

Moguri Mod come with 15 orchestrated musics made by Pontus Hultgren. You can listen to more of his work on his youtube channel. If you like what you hear, you can also support him on Patreon.

How was it done ?

Here is a flipbook explaining the process, as well as presenting all the backgrounds in their full glory.

How to use it ?

First step is to buy Final Fantasy IX on Steam. Moguri Mod won't work with any other version or any other platform.

Then download and install Moguri Mod !