Cost Effective but Valuable Modern Rustic Look with the Help of DIY Methods

If your home naturally allows rustic style but you are also willing to give it a touch of modernism, there are some ways you can get it done and that too using DIY approach. It covers everything from furniture to accessories to lighting. The modern rustic look is really going to give your living space a great character you have been look for.

The tree stump end table

This table works great if you want to create an unsophisticated environment in order to create coziness. This tree stump end table brings an outdoor furniture into the indoors, giving an impression that you love natural arrangements. To give this table a modernized look, the table top can stand on the hairpin tables.

The antique basket

If you have an old wired basket that you have stopped using, now is the good time to make it something that will bring a lot of character in the home decoration. Use this basket as a lighting cover of the bulb hanging under the room’s ceiling. The pendant style would be the modern one while aged metal will keep giving it the rustic look.

Chalkboard sign of log slice

Your entryway needs to be welcoming. A chalkboard sign made of log slice is the best feature that can help you with that. There is no need to make the log slice’s edges uniform because its irregular shape is the very thing that keeps it charming and rustic. At the same time, you can give it the modern look by changing the sentiments on it by writing the new message.

The bottle vases

The empty beverage glass bottles are normally thrown away. Well, you can stop doing this and make these bottle literally ecofriendly. The recipe is to make these bottles the flower vases. There are a lot of wild flowers that you can put inside the bottle filled with water. That way, the bottles will act like root nurturer for the flowers and, at the same time, they will be the great decoration features too.

The plant holders

Greenery inside the interior is helpful in freshening up the room’s environment. Hence, if you are looking for a place to keep the plants and flower pots, you can actually make some hanging arrangements. For instance, you can get medium sized tree branches to hang the flower pots. Modern looking flower pots combined with rustic tree branch would bring a lot of character in overall design.

Bookcase made of industrial pipe

You can enhance storage space of the room by creating a bookcase. For this purpose, you can make a structure of the bookcase using industrial pipes. Think about the high shelves placed in the home improvement stores.