2018 Information Pack

2018 Presidents letter.pdf

2018 President's letter

2018 Scienceworks letter.pdf

2018 Scienceworks letter

VMSVC Photography Policy.pdf

Photography policy

Solar Participation Certificate 2018.docx

Certificate template

2018 Boats and Sheridan kit cars schedule.pdf

Boats and Sheridan schedule

2018 Advanced boats list.pdf

Advanced boats list

2018 Advanced boats draw.pdf

Advanced boats draw

2018 Metro junior boats list.pdf

Metro boats list

2018 Metro boats 201-254 black draw.pdf

Metro boats black draw

2018 Metro boats 301-354 orange draw.pdf

Metro boats orange draw

2018 Regional Junior boat list.pdf

Regional boats list

2018 Regional boat draw.pdf

Regional boats draw

2018 Sheridan Kit cars list.pdf

Sheridan cars list

2018 Sheridan kit cars draw.pdf

Sheridan cars draw

2018 Cars schedule.pdf

Designed cars schedule

2018 Cars list.pdf

Designed cars list

2018 Cars Interviews.pdf

Designed cars interviews