Mobile Legends Tips to get Diamonds

Mobile legends-knock down your foes

Mobile legends are among the latest and the popular games when it comes to multiplayer battle arena games. It was released three years back in July 2016, and till now it has gained so much popularity amongst the players that it has more than 100 million downloads from the Google Playstore only. There are several essential aspects of the game that the players should know. Though it would not be feasible to reiterate all of these here, we have tried to mention some of them here so that you can grab at least a handful of information.

However, let me tell you that in the game, you will necessarily require collecting the battle points and other credits; otherwise, you won't be able to make progress. But if you want to enjoy the battle fight in the game, then you can opt for the Mobile Legends hack to get an unlimited amount of funds.

Now without wasting a single more moment here, let’s get started.


When the game made its presence on the Playstore, then it only consisted of one survival mode, but with the time, they added a few more. Momentarily, the game features four battle modes for the players to try out. These modes are:

· Survival

· Mirror

· Frenzy

· Mayhem


As the game is played online, there are different servers in the game. You will get a server assigned randomly, the one which will be suitable for you. But that doesn't mean that you can't play the game on different servers with your friends. You can, but the difference will be that the rankings of the local servers will also be altered.


Talking about the heroic characters present in the game then there is a wide array of heroes to choose from. Initially, the game will give you eight heroes for free. Subsequently, to possess more of the heroes, you will require collecting enough battle points, Tickets, Fragments, or diamonds. However, if you are a beginner, then you may find it little challenging to obtain them but don't worry if you are stuck and are not able to purchase your favorite hero. The solution is to use the Mobile Legends cheats and grabbing a generous amount of credits. The eight heroes that you will get in the starting of the game are:

· Layla

· Miya

· Zilong

· Saber

· Eudora

· Nana

· Tigreal

· Balmond

Rest; there are Mobile Legends cheats for fighting as well with which you will be able to fight even faster. Thereby you can make any of your character modified using the cheats.