• Developmnet of System for Big data Autonomous Tagging and Tag-based DaaS (Data as a Service), IITP, 2016.09~present
  • Development of self-certifying ID based trustworthy networking technology, IITP, 2016.04~present
  • Development of Trusted Information Infrastructure S/W Framework for Realizing Trustworthy IoT Eco-system, IITP, 2015.06~present
  • Research on Communication Technology using Bio-inspired Algorithm, IITP, 2013.04~present
  • AMI 계량데이터 패턴분석 및 이상치 탐지 컨설팅, 한국전력공사 전력연구원, 2016.05~2016.11
  • Video 3.0, HUAWEI Technologies CO.,LTD, 2015.11~2016.05
  • Development of Technology for Integrated Energy Management Service of Building and Community and Their Energy Trading, IITP, 2014.04~2017.03
  • Multiscreen Adaptive Autonomous Smart Media, IITP, 2014.04~2017.02
  • Development of Tele-experience based Tele-collaboration and Education Platform, MSIP, 2013.09~2015.04
  • 중추 자율 네트워크간 결합 구조 정립 및 성능 분석 연구, 2013.06~2014.01
  • 스마트 홈을 위한 WoT Instance Hosting 기술 개발, 2013.01~2013.12
  • Research on Integration Structure Establishment and Performance Analysis of Central and Autonomic Networks, ETRI, 2013.06~2014.01
  • Study on Open Contents Delivery Testbed, NIA, 2013.07~2013.12
  • N-screen 환경에서 미디어 활용을 위한 메타데이터간 상호 연결 구조 및 인덱싱 기법 연구, 2012.09~2013.01
  • Developments of Web of Objects (WoO) for New Media Environments, MSIP, EU FP7, 2011.12~2014.11
  • N-스크린 기반의 맞춤형 Learning Eco-System 연구개발, 2011.07~2013.06
  • Research on Core Technologies for Self-Management of Energy Consumption in Wired and Wireless Networks, MSIP, 2011.05~2014.02
  • 글로벌 개방형 IPTV 서비스 연구