Mid Northumberland Chorus Practice Files

Here are the practice files (or links to them if they already exist online) for the upcoming Mid Northumberland Chorus Concert.

You can follow scores of Carmina Burana as the music plays here

If you want to hear your own individual part (created by a computer) you can do that at this link: http://www.choralia.net/or01mp3/

I've found some human recordings of individual voices, but no direct link to a playlist. However if you go to youtube and search for:

Carl Orff, Carmina Burana, Voice over rehearsal track fortune plango bass

then you will hear a human rendition of the bass part for fortune plango. Just replace fortune plango bass for the piece and voice you want to find the others.

Below is a video recording of Carmina Burana (2 Piano and Percussion Version) specifically recommended by Robin Forbes which gives good detail and expression. The conductor gives an interesting introduction about the words and then the music starts at about 3:37

Carl Orff - Carmina Burana - UNL University Singers, Dr. Peter Eklund conductor