Mid Northumberland Chorus Practice Files

Here are the practice files (or links to them if they already exist online) for the upcoming Mid Northumberland Chorus Concert.

Vivaldi Gloria RV 589

The following links have your own individual part sung, following the score on the screen with the other parts and orchestra lowered in volume so your part stands out:

Note that you can slow down the videos by clicking on the gear icon, select speed, then choose the speed you want.

Here is a beautiful rendition of the complete work:

Gilbert and Sullivan extracts

There are no practice files available, like there are for the Vivaldi, but here are some good and amusing YouTube renditions to help or at least get you in the mood even if the arrangements are different from our versions! To save you the trouble, I've trawled YouTube to find some decent quality renditions...

Song below starts at 0:19

Song below starts at 2:31

Song below starts at 6:39

Song below starts at 0:36