Multi-dimensional assessment of the built environment

Welcome to my personal webpage!

I am currently an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, and a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Waterloo. My research area is cored with construction engineering and the theme of computer science and robotics. This research area aims to develop frameworks for quantitative assessment of construction components that are used for measuring construction performance metrics and enhancing the construction management systems.

My specific research interests include:

  1. 3D imaging techniques for automated as-built modeling,
  2. Quantitative parametric modeling of built infrastructure Automated quality control,
  3. Shape modeling and quantitative geometric analysis for as-built BIM generation,
  4. Construction robots and robotics applications in construction,
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for process process monitoring, and
  6. Real-time data acquisition and data processing.