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Welcome to the 2018-19 Moody Track Team!

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Seth J. Stoltzfus -

Thanks for a great season! I am taking down many of the links until next year, but if there's information that you would like to access - please email me and I can share content directly :-)

5/20 Final Quad Meet

Congratulations to Moody’s Track and Field team for winning first place at their final quad meet held yesterday at Hermitage High School. Moody Raiders scored a total of 111.5 points yesterday, beating out Liberty, Rolfe, and Tuckahoe! It was a full team effort, as sprinters, distance, and relay runners all racked up the points, as well as our discus, shot-put, high, and long jumpers. What a fantastic way to end our season – way to go Moody Track Team!

(link for individual times and distances will be updated as soon as score results are shared with us!)

Track Meet Results!

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Please remember that track meets are run by humans without the aid of state-of-the-art technology or instant replay - we are all doing our best :-)

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