Parish Plan

Updated 6th January 2019

Bishop Patrick's letter regarding the Parish Plan has been received and can be read here - Bishop's Letter.

Updated 16th December 2018

The parish plan has now been discussed at the Council of Priests and the College of Consultors (on matters spiritual) and the Diocesan Trustees (on matters temporal). It is hoped Bishop Patrick will write early in the new year to inform us of his decision.

At a parish level, thank you to everyone who volunteered to be part of the new Steering Group. Its aim is to help guide the discussions we as a Catholic community will have as we implement the Bishop's decision.

Updated 14th October 2018

Parish Plan update Ron Lynch and Richard Mitchell have now formally presented the review along with the written responses to Bishop Patrick and this was the basis of a fruitful and positive meeting. We now await the full response which will follow the necessary meetings of the Council of Priests and Diocesan College of Consultors . These meetings will be concluded early in November and in the meantime we pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as Melton moves forward in living the Gospel in these coming months.

Updated 27th September 2018

"Just to keep you up to date. The consultation responses were forwarded to Bishop Patrick over the weekend, together with a list of suggested actions to move forward.

I received an email today to say that he’s in Rome for the Ad Limina visit by the Bishops of England & Wales. I think he’s due back at the end of the week. In the meantime, I’m liaising with Fr Jonathan Rose to fix a date to meet Bishop Patrick and others, hopefully early next week."

Updated 2nd September 2018

The parish Plan has now been produced - please click on Melton Mowbray - Final Report.

Please note that a method for gathering comments for the Bishop will be explained next week.

An Architect and Historical Report for St John's has been produced by the Architectural History Practice.

Updated 22nd June 2018

Unfortunately, we believe the report Ron and Richard prepared for the Bishop was not taken to the council of priests in June. We await further information and will let you know next steps once we have that.

Updated 3rd June 2018

The PPC were in touch with Richard and Ron who are pulling together the report on the Parish plan for Bishop Patrick last week and they informed us that due to other urgent commitments they were sadly only just completing their input. This may mean that we do not get the Bishop’s proposals in time to be able to respond before the June Council of Priests.

We wanted to let you know just in case parishioners were wondering why we had not yet seen the report. We will keep you updated as news emerges.

Updated 22nd April 2018

We have just received the following update from Ron and Richard: ‘The next Council of Priests meeting is scheduled for Monday 11th June. While the exact timings are obviously for Bishop Patrick to decide, our previous experience in Grimsby would suggest that any discussions with the parish would be in the month to six weeks before then. We are currently refining the draft report, for submission to Bishop Patrick during next week or the week after, which would fit with this overall timescale.’

Updated 6th March 2018

The PPC met with Richard and Ron, the facilitators provided by the Bishop, and discussed progress on their proposals. They have recently visited the two main churches, St John’s and St Peter’s again and have spent time at the school and the convent to ensure they have a full view of existing Parish facilities. They are now in the process of writing their report which we have asked ideally to be provided to us sometime during April. Once the PPC receive the report and options we will share printed copies with you and there will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback via a questionnaire to the Bishop so that he can then make his decision. The PPC have not seen a formal document but our understanding is that at this stage a wide range of options are being considered. If there are a wide number of options the PPC will probably set up meetings to walk those that wish through them and discuss the pros and cons as identified by Ron and Richard. This way you will get the opportunity to clarify any points that may not be clear. We hope to get all feedback to the Bishop by the end of May in time for the Council of Priests in June. This of course is dependent on the Parish receiving the report in April at the latest.

Original Notification

The PPC has been informed that Richard Mitchell and Ron Lynch, the two facilitators provided by the Bishop to help us develop our Parish Plan, have now received all the information they needed to complete their report. PPC has not seen a copy of the report and are not aware of its recommendations but are informed that decisions relating to the future of our parish and churches have not yet been made as these will be for the Bishop to decide. During February we understand there will be further discussions at a diocesan level and we expect to hear more after that. Thank you to all who contributed to a constructive discussion; we will keep you informed of anything we hear back from the Diocese.