Church of St Peter


Following Bishop Patrick's decision, the Parish is preparing to celebrate the life of St Peter's before it is closed. One of the ways we would like to do this is by collecting memories and photographs of St Peter's.

If you have any memories or photos of family, or parish celebrations, at St Peter's, Welby Lane, and would be happy to share them, please email:


In recognition of the need to provide additional seating capacity the Diocese finally approved the building of a new Church on a site in Welby Lane. The foundation stone was laid in 1962 and the preparation and foundations enthusiastically undertaken by a group of parishioners prior to the main building work with completion in 1964. The organ was transferred from St. John the Baptist to St. Peter’s.

In 2008 major alterations were undertaken due to the need for additional facilities and to develop the life of the community. A new Parish Centre was created and the church was extensively re-ordered while keeping much of its original character, in particular preserving the beautiful and unusual etched glass Stations of the Cross.

The Parish Centre continues to thrive and is used not only for Parish functions but also by numerous local groups who enjoy the large hall and excellent catering facilities.


Click here to view photographs of St Peter's which have been sent in by Parishioners.

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