Transportation Funding

Funding levels for most transportation agencies range from inadequate to disastrous. Are you prepared to maximize your access to federal and state funding? And to enter the transportation funding debate in your state with practical, aggressive proposals?

Our experience

• Helped a state advocacy group prepare a proposal for state transit funding.

• Helped a medium-size MPO craft a program for using state and federal funding to support a new Smart Growth program.

• Assisted state advocacy groups in participating in project selection issues for ARRA projects.

• Analyzed ARRA project distributions and impacts for a national organization.

• Wrote a guide for state advocacy groups to help them analyze their state’s use of federal bridge funds.

• Wrote a TIGER II planning grant application.

• Provided recommendations on transportation finance issues to the TRB national finance conference.

• Crafted major funding reauthorization proposals for a major state DOT.

• Managed the capital program for a major state DOT.

What we can do for you

• Provide comprehensive, statewide funding strategies.

• Provide tactical guidance on access to federal and state funding streams.

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