Smart Growth

In the 21st Century, transportation planning can’t happen without land use planning. Smart Growth planning means planning for success. Do you have the strategic support you need to be successful?

Our experience

• Developing a strategic plan for a major transit oriented development, brownfield redevelopment site.

• Assisted a statewide nonprofit in establishing criteria for reviewing Smart Growth projects.

• Helped a medium-size MPO craft a program for using state and federal funding to support a new Smart Growth program.

• Provided a statewide advocacy group with guidance on developing future transit oriented development projects.

• Co-managed development of a bistate Smart Transportation Guidebook.

• Developed a transformative corridor planning approach at a major state DOT.

• Guided the development of an award-winning rural corridor Smart Growth plan.

• Managed the development of a Transportation and Community Form guide for municipalities seeking to undertake form-based Smart Growth planning.

• Managed a nationally renowned Transit Village program.

• Negotiated a public-private transit-oriented redevelopment plan at a major regional shopping mall.

What we can do for you

• Negotiate and facilitate interagency and public-private Smart Growth development and redevelopment plans.

• Develop Smart Growth funding plans and programs.

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