Project Delivery & Development

As the world around us changes more and more rapidly, it sometimes seems that the pace of transportation project development and delivery gets slower and slower. And yet a properly designed “pipeline” can put improvements in the ground much faster – while adding environmental value and increasing public participation and support.

Our experience

• Wrote a white paper on integrating project development and environmental reviews as the basis for a dialogue between national environmental and transportation stakeholders.

• Led a major state DOT project development team with an emphasis on public involvement and integrated environmental planning.

• Facilitated conflict resolution over major projects.

• Worked with MPOs to create new DOT/MPO joint project development practices.

• Created a new program for selecting, funding, and advancing locally managed, federally funded projects.

• Led creation of a “fast-track” project development program for minor projects, linked to project selection and funding programs.

What we can do for you

• Design innovative programs to accelerate selection, scoping, development, funding, and delivery of high-priority transportation projects.

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