MassDOT Gets Some Green…and Gets Greener

Post date: Aug 3, 2012 1:23:04 AM

Good news that Massachusetts transportation projects have been funded to the tune of $1.9 Billion in a bill just passed in thelegislature (although I haven’t worked my way through the bill yet – more on that another time).

What’s also good news, if you haven’t been following it, is that MassDOT continues to get environmentally greener with its “GreenDOT” program. The GreenDOT initiative was started just two years ago by the first MassDOT secretary, Jeff Mullan, as a way to launch his brand new agency on a progressive, forward-looking, environmentally friendly path, and has been pushed along by Secretary Rich Davey. A new GreenDOTimplementation plan is now in the works, with goals, tasks, and performance indicators for air quality, energy, land, materials, planning/policy/design, waste, and water. An ambitious agenda!

The MassDOT folks are running a first-class change program, but of course the long-term success will only show itself over time.

People often say that changing a large agency is like “turning a battleship,” but I’m not sure that’s the best analogy (and not just because battleships can actually turn pretty fast). It’s probably better to think of trying to turn a fleet – one composed of battleships, barges, freighters, submarines, and every other kind of vessel, in all kinds of ages and conditions. Good luck and keep at it MassDOT!