Martin Luther King, Jr.

Redeeming the Prophetic Vision

January 17, 2021 @2:00

Redeeming the Prophetic Vision is about:

  • Bringing together a broad cross-section of the Tacoma / Pierce County community.

  • Participating in a creative restatement of Dr. King’s life and work with a focus on the prophetic declaration of a call for peace and social justice which was central to King’s life.

  • Drawing our community’s attention to evidence of injustice in our own midst and to the need for corrective action.


Virtual Reception

  • So many visitors stayed to mix with our Social Justice Communities. Learn more about the great work they are doing to live out the prophetic vision of Dr. King.

Recapture...Reinvigorate...Redeem MLK's Vision

We want to present his vision with its sharp searing insight within the context of everyday life in contrast to what we see as an ongoing effort to render it as benign, anemic, antiseptic, allusive, and static.

We want to bring it back to the streets, to the people, where it started, where it belongs.

Deeply rooted in his spiritual beliefs and grounded in the traditions of the Jewish prophet and that of the black church, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s prophetic vision is a vision that calls the nation to a commitment to peace, to equal justice, and to equal opportunity for all.