Maria Luisa Damiani

Professor, Department of Computer Science

University of Milan, Italy

Via Celoria 18

20133, Milan


Research interests

Representation, protection, analysis of mobility data. Mobility data grasp the movement of entities , e.g. humans, animals, assets, in a reference space, opening up to the analysis of individual and collective behavior . Focus on:

  • mobility pattern conceptualization and analysis

  • mobility data modeling

  • location privacy and location-based access control

  • applications in: animal ecology, museums, geologya


Paper @ IEEE Percom 2022. Fine-grained stop detection in UWB-based trajectories, F. Hachem, D. Vecchia, M.L. Damiani, G.P. Picco. Teaser @ v=8ZNcMFzp0AI.

Abstract: Ultra-wideband (UWB) localization enables user tracking with high spatio-temporal resolution, whose exploitation for detecting higher-level mobility patterns is largely unexplored. We study whether i) existing detection techniques, developed for coarser-grained localization, apply also to UWB trajectories, and ii) the quantitative extent to which this enables finer-grained analyses. We focus on the well-known stop-move pattern, and offer a concrete use case of capturing visits in a real museum. We contribute a novel metric suited to the high UWB spatio-temporal resolution and use it to evaluate representative techniques. We deploy a UWB system in a 25x15 m2 museum area and base our analysis on 70000+ positions and 200+ ground-truth stops. These are very close in space and time, yet results confirm very accurate spatio-temporal estimation in the vast majority of cases.

Project MUR Prin : NG-UWB : Next-generation Ultra-wideband Localization and Communication for the Internet of Things [Sept 2019- Feb 2023]

Workshop co-chair @ ACM SIGSPATIAL 2022:

Advanced Seminars co-chair @ IEEE MDM 2022:

Member of the Executive Committee @ ACM Special Interest Group on Spatial Information :