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Michael Thiemann: Utilizing a LSTM to enhance forecasts of regulated inflows in the Columbia River Basin

Emmanouil Anagnostou: A Comprehensive Flood Events Database - Demo over CONUS

Reut Salomon: Unsteady evolution of longitudinal profiles of arid gravel-bed channels in response to changing flash flood regime and base-level

Milan Kalas: ANYWHERE - Multi-Hazard Early Warning System

Daniel Twigt: GLOFFIS: the Deltares global fluvial flood forecasting system

Paola Mazzoglio: Extreme Rainfall Detection System based on both near real-time and forecast rainfall estimation

Anita Asadullah: Flood Incident Management in England

Iuliia Shustikova: Large-scale flood hazard modelling

Tyler Erickson: Google Earth Engine & Relevant Data for Flood Forecasting

Amir Givati: Deluge of Distributed Sensing Data to Stem Flooding Hazards

Adarsh M S: Traversing Through Rivers from Space

Sagy Cohen: Flood Inundation Map Repository and Depth Estimation From Satellite Remote Sensing in Support of Forecasting and Emergency Response

Amir Givati: Operational floods forecasting using multiple precipitation input

Moshe (Koko) Armon: A new approach in characterizing heavy precipitation in the eastern Mediterranean: Combining radar data and a high-resolution weather model

Yair Rinat: Hydrometeorological and forecast analysis of a unique flash flood at the Israeli desert

USONGO BETRAN APONG: Flood Events in Cameroon since 2019 and their impact

Andrew Smith: New Estimates of Flood Exposure in Developing Regions

Peter Salamon: 1.) Copernicus Global Flood Awareness System and 2.) Linking flood forecasting & satellite rapid mapping

Apoorva R. Shastry: Utilizing Flood Inundation Observations to Obtain Floodplain Topography in Data-Scarce Regions for use in a Hydrodynamic Model

Francesco Marra: New methods for extreme precipitation frequency analyses based on remotely sensed data

Matthias Demuzere: Cloud to Street: What we’ve done, where we are going

Yoav Levi: Precipitation Forecast

Yoav Ben Dor: Changing flood frequencies under opposing late Pleistocene eastern Mediterranean climates

Alan Zundel: Global Streamflow Forecasting enabled by Disruptive Technology

Kai Schröter: Towards flood loss forecasting using Machine Learning

Robert Berry: Local to Country Scale Flood Modelling