Matthew J. Kreitzer

Educator  |  Referee


Greetings! I'm Matthew Kreitzer, I'm an educator and former professional soccer referee living in Maryland. I grew up on the Delaware beaches and then went on to graduate from Gettysburg College with a degree in Computer Science.  Deciding I was better suited to work with people than stare at code, I returned home after college, took a job as the technology specialist at a local school, and shortly thereafter earned a Masters degree in Education. I then left Delaware in search of new experiences, living and teaching in southern California for a few years before eventually returning to the east coast to teach in Maryland. I currently work in the Howard County school system.

As an avid soccer player in my teens, I realized I could earn extra money between matches by becoming a referee. In the following years and with valuable mentoring, I obtained my State Referee badge, and a few years later went on to earn the grade of National Referee. I was eventually invited to be an Assistant Referee in Major League Soccer spending four years in the league before stepping back to the second and third divisions to pursue a position as Referee. In 2017 I decided to retire from the professional game to focus on referee coaching and mentoring. From 2019 to 2023 I was convinced to get back on the pitch at the collegiate level, working matches for a few high-profile division I conferences.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy staying active primarily by playing soccer and ultimate disc. On occasion I like to engage in the creative side of my brain through photography and photo editing or playing some guitar and piano. 


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