Mini Rig – bigger isn’t always better

Also known as oil rigs or mini-bubblers, these concentrate pipes resemble the water-based devices you are likely familiar with when enjoying your favorite concentrates, oils, extracts and waxes.

The Mini Rig – what is it

The mini-rig is an increasingly popular method for consuming herbal concentrates and extracts, providing a portable, pure and exhilarating experience for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Very similar to traditional bubblers, the mini rig functions in much the same way, with one very important difference: they are better Mini Dab Rigs equipped and designed to handle high potency concentrates and extracts.

For those that have experienced the difference of a mini-rig vs a traditional bubbler you already know what we’re talking about. For those that haven’t, what are you waiting for? Give the mini rig a whirl during your next session and thank us later.

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But take it easy for your first few spins….it’s a powerful experience.

What is the Mini-Rig Best Suited for?

As mentioned, the mini-rig is best used for concentrates and extracts. These forms of your favorite herbs have a MUCH higher percentage of “active” compounds in them, providing an experience like no other.

Unlike dry herb, concentrates don’t always need combustion to produce aromatics of the active ingredients and the aroma we all know and enjoy, making them a healthier, safer and more pleasant way to enjoy.

How does the Mini-Rig Work?

These miniature versions of your bubbler work in much the same way that water pipes have been designed to enjoy herbals and other substrates. This specific setup provides a smoother, stronger and arguably purer experience with the setup designed to optimize vaporization and cooling as well as superior filtration.

Mini-Rig Accessories – do I need any?

At ( ) we carry everything you could possibly need for your next session. Solo or with friends, we’ve got all you need to puff, puff pass till your heart is content.

From rigs of all sizes to replacement parts, tools, accessories and even apparel…we’ve got you covered. That said, there isn’t much else you need to enjoy your new mini-rig. We set you up with everything necessary to get started right out of the box (minus your concentrate or extract of choice).

Mini Dab Rigs

Some components you want to make sure come with your rig or can be purchased separately include:

● A concentrate nail (glass, ceramic, titanium, or quartz)

Your nail also may be available in both domed and non-domed options. Domed options are generally more heat-resistant, making them an ideal option for individuals who use torches with their mini-rigs.

And if you have any questions about use or need advice, our friendly staff is always ready to assist. Just drop us a line or give us a call.

Concentrate Nails for your Mini-Rig

As mentioned above, you have a few options here. Let’s quickly go over the pros and cons of each type…

1. Domed

● Perfect for individual use / minimal waste of vapor

● More affordable

● Domes trap vapor, making it more concentrated and thus potent

● Attached domes are a safer way to enjoy

The downside? They generally take more time to heat up with your mini-rig.

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2. Domeless

● Larger amounts of concentrate can be accommodated

● Better for multi-user experiences where you are sharing

● Heats up faster

● Reduced risk of burning your concentrate or oil

The downsides? Due to the accelerated rate of heating with your mini-rig, domeless nails are generally better suited for more experienced users.


Glass – have little impact on influencing the flavor, and are simple to clean. However, they are not known for handling HIGH heat very well and are more prone to breaking.

Ceramic – Easy to clean, and highly affordable. However, like glass, they are prone to breaking.

Titanium – Unmatched durability and resilience. Heat up quickly. Lower quality titanium may give off titanium oxide during use, which is both unhealthy as well as bad tasting.

Quartz – All the benefits of glass, without the risk of breaking. Quartz options are more expensive but produce a superior experience. Only downside? They cool off fast.

Heating and Safety Considerations

When it comes to mini-rigs, there are a couple options for heating up your nails:

● Induction: where concentrate is applied directly to the heating source and quickly converted to vapor

● Conduction: electronic heating process that heats the air around the concentrate until such a point at which the concentrate gives off vapor

The temperature at which your concentrate is heated also impacts the way it will taste and feel, and you may want to experiment with what forms of heating and temperature control best suit your tastes.

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Cost and Affordability of Mini Rigs

As far as price ranges go, a mini rig can run you anywhere from $20 for a cheap model, all the way up to hundreds of dollars for a higher quality device or artisan designed model.

While you don’t need to break the bank when finding the perfect mini rig, you probably shouldn’t go for the cheapest one either. After all, you do, to an extent, get what you pay for. And chances are you’ll want a model that will stand up to use (and abuse) for years to come.

We suggest that between $60-$200 is a good range to find a mid-tier model that is both high quality and performance minded.

It All Comes Down to Personal Preference

When it comes to enjoying your favorite concentrate or herb, personal preference will always be the driving force behind which setup is best for you.

That said, if the trend of mini rigs as a growing “go to” setup for daily use is any indicator, it’s something you won’t want to miss out on.

We’ve had many individuals blown away (mind blown anyway) with the drastic difference in using a mini rig vs a traditional bubbler. The small optimized design is set up for purity of experience, streamlining the flow of vapor from device to lungs like no other.

( ) has you Covered

Knowing what mini rig is right for you is a tough call. With so many options on the market, many of our customers find it difficult to navigate the virtual aisles to find that perfect fit.

Rest assured that all items in our online store are vetted for quality prior to hitting our virtual shelves. The mini rigs in our shop have been battle tested to deliver the goods and make right on the promises they offer up.

( ) takes pride in bringing you innovative, affordable and functional products that help enhance your life. We hope that we earn the opportunity to serve you and help you find the mini rig you’ve been looking for.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Via chat, email or phone, we’re here to help.