Bubblers And Bongs - Everything That Matters About Them

Meta Description: There are good reasons why bubblers and bongs are so popular in the weed community. Here we look at both of them and dissect what is behind their popularity.

For those that are new to the world of smoking weed, words like bubblers and bongs may sound bit strange. On the other hand, those that are part of this community, are familiar with their meaning. Here are few facts about them.

Bubblers and bowls are primarily used for smoking weed. Even though they are quite popular, there are still those Bubbler that sometimes get confused by them. Here is an overview of the two of them, along with their advantages and downsides.

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The bubblers are more like a simplified version of a bong. Not only they can make bubbles, hence the name, but also can filter the water. That’s done in a way which is not much different than how bongs use water.

The best way to describe bubblers is like mini bongs that are very portable and can be held in one hand. Because of their size, they don’t look like the typical bong.


The word bong comes from the Tai word “Baung” which translated means “section of bamboo”. Typically, is made of glass or plastic, but one can make it out of items commonly found in almost every household.

Every bong is made of the tube, mouthpiece, bowl, carburetor (carb hole) and downstem. The mouthpiece is from where you draw the smoke and is attached to the tube. The tube where the smoke is gathered after the water is brewed. The bowl is where you pack the weed so you can smoke it. The carb is placed above the water level that regulates the flow of air. Once everything is cooked, the user removes the finger from the hole. The air comes in, and he or she can start smoking. The role of downstem is to guide the smoke from the bowl to the base. Their smoke percolates in the water before starting to build up in the tube.

Bubbler - (720) 509-9604

That is basically what bong is.

The difference between bubblers and bongs

Size is the primary differentiator between these two, and it's something that defines them and determines the way people use them.

Bubblers are like the smaller brother. Their size makes them perfect for carrying around, they are cheaper, and they require far less material. On the downside, they need more maintenance, meaning regular cleaning because they sometimes tend to get clogged up. Not that bongs don't need cleaning, but it's more often with bubblers.

Bongs are way larger and robust. In fact, they are more like hookahs. Aside from their size, they are different in terms that they can be easily customized with add-ons such as ice pinches, percolators, ash catchers, and so on.

What’s best for you?

A passionate user would tell you to go for the both as both bring something different and features that come handy for different situations. But ultimately, it is you who must reflect on your lifestyle and choose what suits you most.

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