Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids Set

3 GRATER ATTACHMENTS & AIRTIGHT LIDS This mixing bowl set's airtight lids make it simple to keep ingredients and leftovers without worrying about leaks or accidents. Securing BPA-free lids prolong the freshness of your food. For adding ingredients or combining it with your blender without removing the entire cover to prevent splash, the 3.5qt has a removable lid inside the main lid. Three different grater attachments (slicing, grating, and shredding) are included with this bowl set. Simply shred or slice into the bowl! ideal for making salads!

SILICONE BOTTOMS THAT DO NOT SLIP The mixing bowls' rubber feet are excellent for grabbing and holding their position, preventing sliding on the counters while mixing and shielding the desk from excessive temperatures.

BOWLS FOR NESTING & DISHWASHER SAFE These kitchen serving bowls nest together for convenient storage in organized kitchen cabinets. This mixing bowl set is dishwasher-safe; simply put it in after use to obtain a brand-new bowl set. The reflective interior makes cleaning a snap. But be aware that hand washing is preferable because the heat from the dishwasher might warp the lids.

SET OF 6 SIZE BOWLS & ADDITIONAL KITCHEN TOOLS This set is highly adaptable and appropriate for a variety of applications thanks to the range of sizes available, from 7QT down to 1QT. 

Bowl Material                         Stainless Steel

Number of Pieces                  26

Brand                                      Umite Chef

Color                                       Khaki

Style                                       Classic