Mitchell Pure Water

The Best Drinking Water in Ceres Opens at 9:00AM

About Us

Because your family deserves the best drinking water possible, our water has been tested and certified by the Department of Public Health's Food and Drug Branch (FDB) so that you can drink worry-free, knowing that this is the best drinking water in town.


"The water has great taste, and the staff are so helpful and kind!"

- P P

"Great! Was paying Alhambra about $40 a month to get water delivered. Now I get the same amount for about $6. I had to buy my own dispenser and bottles, but they will pay for themselves in about 9 months. Staff is very friendly and the outside dispensers are available 24 hours a day. Water taste is perfect. Happy that I switched."

- Charles F.

Water doesn't taste like old plumbing. I stop by about once a month to fill my cans and the proprietors always take good care of me. I highly recommend this establishment for clean, safe drinking water.

- Mr. E