Advisory Board Members

Fr. John Short

Fr. Ken Lulf

Randy Rezac, President

Jodi Wilson, Vice President

Darrel Anderson, Secretary

Debra Bruce, Treasurer

Terry Sabers

Mike LeBrun

Joe Krall

CCFESD Board Members

Wayne & Mary Puetz

Dick & Darlene Muth

Ken & Amy Novak

Fred & Joan DeRouchey

Advisory Members

Robin Cahoy

Christine Lemmer

Nicole Fuhrer

Share the Faith. Secure the Future.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the newly established Mitchell Catholic Foundation! After months of discernment, our Board of Directors took a leap of faith to trust the direction of the Holy Spirit by expanding our mission and vision.

In addition to helping our donors support Catholic Education in Mitchell, we are now able to assist our donors in sharing their faith to secure the future for our entire Catholic Community and beyond!

We have expanded our relationship with the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota, and can now offer estate and gift planning services that support all of the ministries that are important to you.

Our focus remains to be donor directed giving. Gifts may now be made through our Foundation that support the school, faith formation programs, parishes and all other ministries within the parishes. During your estate or gift planning process, we can also assist you in supporting other areas of interest such as the other local parishes, cemeteries, seminarian education, priest retirement, Food Pantry, Weekend Snack Pack, and alma maters to name a few; so long as they do not violate the social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

This is an exciting time and I encourage you to call and visit with me about any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued trust in us, and commitment to supporting your Catholic values!


Nicole Fuhrer, Gift Planning Officer

Help us to Share the Faith and Secure the Future of our Catholic Community!


To give people the opportunity and tools

to share their gifts in gratitude to God.


Helping people grow deeper in love with Christ

by sharing their gifts in gratitude to God.


To “drought proof” the ministries

of the Mitchell Catholic Community


Raise, manage and distribute God’s gifts

to donor-directed ministries.