1.S993 Genomics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Time: MW 1:00p-2:30p

Location: 1-371


Prof Tami Lieberman

tami at mit


Jacob Baker

jsbaker at mit

Course description: Provides a thorough introduction to the forces driving pathogen evolution, practical experience with bioinformatics and computational tools, and discussions of topics relevant to public health today. Topics include mechanisms of genome variation in bacteria and viruses, population genetics, outbreak detection and tracking, strategies to impede the evolution of drug resistance, emergence of new disease, and microbiomes and metagenomics. Includes discussion of primary literature and computational assignments. New class for Spring 2019, being introduced as a special subject. Designed for upper level undergraduate. Graduate students are permitted to enroll.

Prerequisites: Biology (GIR), 1.000 or 6.0002 (some programming), or permission of instructor. Recommended: 7.03 (genetics).

Textbook: There is no textbook for this course, which covers both fundamental and cutting-edge material. Readings for class will be posted on the class Stellar site.

See syllabus and calendar page for more information, including assignments

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