Mistress Leucistic

This site is 18+


I am Mistress Leucistic, a Dominatrix in Tucson Arizona. This site is designed to explain everything you need to know to serve Me or set up a session. I suggest you read this site thoroughly before approaching Me.

About Me

I am sadistic, I enjoy control, and the thrill of receiving ultimate subservience.

I am very passionate about art, and I aspire to be a tattoo artist. I think it is important for devoted submissives/slaves/pets to appreciate what their dominant's passion is.

If you are just looking for sessions that is fine but you are not My slave unless devotion is shown.

Some of my interests in sessions: financial domination, chastity & key holding, cbt, ballbusting, sissification, degradation, humiliation, public humiliation, foot worship/ domination, shoe worship/domination, trampling, giantess, squishing, slave training, gagging, corporal punishment, behavioral modification, human furniture, confinement, forced bi, pet play, nipple torture, tasks, ignore, bondage, wax play, spiting, mukbang, etc (inquire about others.)

Foot slaves, pets, and human ATMs are My personal favorite types of servants.

Money is a requirement to serve. If you do not feel you should have to pay, gift, or compensate a Domina for her time then I suggest you look else where. Money is the ultimate form of power exchange and respect to Me. When you pay for My time or even better gift with no expectations in return it shows you value Me and My time. If you don't even value Me how can you claim to worship Me.

A warning: I am not nor will I ever be your potential date/partner, I am taken. I am also not an escort, so our potential relationship will only ever be professional.

Respect, manners, and obedience will always be demonstrated. I do NOT tolerate disobedience. All of my rules will always be adhered to.



Birthday: September 15th


Weight: 120 lb

Body type: Slim

Shoe size: US 8

Eyes: Brown (I love colored contacts though)

Hair: Black (Sometimes I'll wear colored wigs)

Ethnicity: German, Mexican, Scandinavian.


Color: Purple

Music: Classic rock

Stone: Amethyst

Flower: Spider lily

Animal: Snake

Drink: Dr.Pepper

Food: Sushi, Candy, Soft pretzels, Chicken gnocchi soup from Olive Garden, Lobster, Crab legs.