I am a lover woman and a seductress. I am Italian, born in Italy and I have always lived in the town of Turin in the Piedmont Region. Mio is a complete studio, a 1700 house totally immersed in the wood, spacious and professionally furnished that has grown and expanded over the years. I do sessions for passion, with passion and above all for personal inclinations and desire for MS and fetish. This made me a suggestion beyond the borders of Italy, from America to Japan!The true Masters seduce man by vocation, with few words, but attitudes that attract at first sight. Being a real Mistress means being in the soul, not purely in appearances or clothing!Mistress Eugenia ... I AM I ... a long story a whole life ... 30 years little more than intense life BDSM. Ruthless, inflexible, unconventional, perfidious, authoritarian, demanding and highly flawed.Expert in the field of physical domination and psychological rehabilitation.Fiction does not belong to me !! My sadism, My nihilism, live to the end. I am awe, I create suspense, I always keep the tension high, I move the threads of My puppets wisely and with mastery.Do you want to try to compare yourself with a Goddess? ..Mistress Eugenia ... The Queen of Evil ...

Pain as a tool to get to pleasure ... your pain ... My pleasure ... My ecstasy

Athamay Eternal torture.mp4