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As voting close for groups 1 to 8 in the Head to Head Challenge at the Miss World 2017 Competition currently taking place in Sanya, the People’s Republic of China.

The winners of the 8 Head to Head Challenge winners were announced automatically, qualifying for the Top 40 at the Live Miss World Final, on Saturday 18th November 2017.

  • Group 1 Winner – ITALY
  • Group 2 Winner – ARGENTINA
  • Group 3 Winner – NEPAL
  • Group 4 Winner – FRANCE
  • Group 5 Winner – COLOMBIA
  • Group 6 Winner – BANGLADESH


  7. INDIA
  10. FRANCE
  11. MEXICO
  13. JAPAN
  14. CANADA
  15. NEPAL
  20. ISRAEL

As the world's most established and most renowned significant global excellence expo, it is vital that Miss World ought not be influenced by the prominent supposition on the web. The capacity of anybody to censure, bash or even undermine the candidates or victors as well as even the magnificence expo coordinators is made less demanding because of online networking. Indeed, in the event that I was asked like what Miss Universe asked Miss Philippines Maxine Medina at Top 6, I would state that the most huge change that occurred over the most recent 10 years is the way the fans have manhandled their energy to censure through online networking which is never again productive. It has now turned out to be ruinous.

That is the reason if the most recent year's outcomes caused a mayhem (relies upon which side of the fence you are sitting truly), Miss World have demonstrated levelheadedness and versatility. They picked the champ who gave the best answer amid the finals night and Miss World couldn't have cared less if a portion of the fans concurred with it or not. So this year, I might want to surmise that the outcomes will be by and large acknowledged and it would be if Miss Russia Alina Popova will be delegated Miss World 2017. Alina is simply uber-hot and a drop dead flawless blonde who can be the substance of Beauty with a Purpose. I might want to feel that the world is currently prepared for a third Russian Miss World.

Not a long ways behind is Miss Brazil Gabrielle Vilela. We can condense her magnificence as rich. It's likewise been a while since Brazil had a Miss World and their national association is well-run and I can see that a ton of exertion was put on their Miss World contenders.

What I specific like about Miss World is that band weight isn't generally that articulated in here. That is the reason that I am very glad that our magnificence specialists has picked Miss El Salvador Fatima Cuellar in the third place in this Hot Picks. El Salvador is a minor Central American country that isn't generally solid at display however Fatima has demonstrated an extraordinary can-do soul and I trust that she will be perceived for her heavenly excellence as well as for her incredible pride in speaking to her country.

Setting fourth is Miss Poland Magdalena Bieńkowska. I like her excellence a great deal and she has a honest to goodness altruistic soul. Yet, with regards to a Miss Poland, I generally toss an alert in there some place. Keep in mind that the last Polish young lady to truly have an effect at Miss World was Katarzyna Borowicz who influenced it to the Top 5 approach to in 2004. It is as though Poland is sending extraordinary young ladies consistently however they generally miss the mark despite the fact that Anna Jamróz (2009) and Marta Kaja Palucka (2015) figured out how to make it to the cut.

Gathering together the main 5 is Miss Indonesia Achintya Holte Nilsen. I really imagine that the time is appropriate for Indonesia to win a noteworthy global crown. It isn't simply because the nation has enthusiastic and glad excellence expo fans yet in addition since it is long past due. I likewise believe that Achintya has every one of the qualities expected to end up noticeably an awesome Miss World.

All things considered, this being Miss World, vulnerabilities are abundant. It would be not amazing at all if another American magnificence will leave with the crown. Miss United States Clarissa Bowers has a bubbly identity and she is quite recently super hot with that incredible bends and that certain quality. Miss India Manushi Chhillar is additionally a stunner to look out. She can undoubtedly give the leaders a solid test. Her magnificence echoes the transcendence days of India in the realm of pomp. She's brilliant, rich and certain and that is a trifecta for triumph.

We ought to likewise watch out for Miss South Africa Adè van Heerden and Miss Australia Esma Voloder. Both excellence gives a supermodel vibe and they are additionally extraordinary in meetings and you can see that they simply overflowing with certainty.

I figure whoever will win Miss World 2017, the fans won't be consistent with their assessments. There is no satisfying anybody and I simply trust that a similar situation a year ago will be kept away from. In any case, I trust Miss World will pick the correct young lady since Miss World 2016 Stephanie del Valle could release her obligations decently and she has demonstrated her haters off-base. On the off chance that any of these young ladies in the rundown will win, it won't come as a shock and there is most likely that she really merits it.

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The opening of the 67th Miss World Final in China on 7 November, 2017.

Miss World Affairs:

Envision a wonder show, and you're most likely imagining a transfer of staggering ladies with colossal hair, some sorrowful supplications for world peace, and a tiara-based feline battle.

Be that as it may, past the diamantes and the bathing suit round, the competitors are getting always political.

Lovely ladies in Chile, Turkey, Lebanon, Myanmar, Peru and the US have every made feature in 2017 for surprising remarks or saw contradict - and many have lost their crowns all the while.

So as Miss World looks progressively like Miss World Affairs, by what method can a show champ keep both her title and her sentiments?

1. Try not to cause a discretionary episode

A week ago, Chilean model Valentina Schnitzer started shock by pronouncing, "the ocean has a place with Bolivia" at a South American stunner expo.

The ocean being referred to is the Pacific Ocean - subject of a question amongst Chile and its landlocked neighbor for over a century.

Ms Schnitzer told the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 show in Bolivia: "We are with you, we need to continue battling for your rights. Truly, the Chilean individuals, every one of my kin, every one of my associates, the general population I converse with, [say] the ocean has a place with Bolivia."

The regional piece is under survey by the International Court of Justice - yet a different strategic level headed discussion immediately developed on Twitter.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales sent his help to the Chilean excellence, commending her "valiant" position.

Her countryfolk were less awed, with one tweeting: "Miss Chile lives here? She doesn't appear to be Chilean giving without end the ocean."

"Miss Chile ought to represent herself!" opined one @Diamatrica.

Be that as it may, she as of now had, obviously - and that, for a few, was the issue.

2. Mind your vacation designs... what's more, selfies

In a few sections of the world, a lovely lady must personality her excursion designs and in addition her mouth.

Amanda Hanna is Swedish-Lebanese, and held the Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2017 title for only one week before being stripped of it.

Her wrongdoing? She had gone to Israel for a scholarly excursion in 2016, on her Swedish international ID.

Lebanon and Israel are formally at war, however they have watched a truce since 2006.

Lebanon bans Wonder Woman over Israel star

The phenomenal existence of a 91-year-old glamorous lady

Glamorous lady wearing gloves at halfway house 'not bigot'

The same between state coldness caused ructions a couple of years sooner at 2015's Miss Universe challenge, when Miss Lebanon Saly Greige postured for a selfie with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia - and Miss Israel.

She was blamed for associating with the adversary, and the photo became a web sensation. Ms Greige swung into harm restriction mode on Facebook.

"Since the primary day of my landing to take an interest in Miss Universe, I was extremely wary to abstain from being in any photograph or correspondence with Miss Israel, who attempted a few times to bring a photograph with me," she composed.

"I was having a photograph with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia, and myself; all of a sudden Miss Israel hopped in, took a selfie, and put it on her online networking."

Her clarification worked, and she kept her title in spite of the clamor.

Media captionWhat does it take to be a lovely lady in the Philippines?

3. Maintain a strategic distance from a viral YouTube minute

The Miss America challenge used to be a governmental issues free zone, however has grasped questionable Q&As to bait prime-time gatherings of people hungry for a "YouTube minute" - where a hapless contender says something unbalanced and the recording circulates around the web on the web.

This year, Miss Texas Margana Wood was gotten some information about the vicious neo-Nazi challenges in Charlottesville, where counter-dissenter Heather Heyer was murdered. She marked the passing a "fear monger assault", and said Donald Trump ought to have created an impression sooner.

Her answer got as much press consideration as a definitive victor.

Miss Texas Margana Wood responds in the wake of progressing from the bathing suit segment of the Miss America rivalry in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on 10 September, 2017.

The Q&A is viewed as such an artistic expression, to the point that genuine challengers contract coaches to enable them to ace it.

Exhibition mentor Valerie Hayes told the BBC: "In a perfect world you need to know about the subject, express your position in a legitimate, non-hostile way. That is the objective...

"The factual weight of the main 5 questions isn't sufficiently critical to modify the consequence of the expo. You'd need to state something truly stunning, as, 'Definitely - and I as of late said a final farewell to my beau and guillotined him and covered him in the terrace!'"

Once the victor is delegated, however, the crackdown is quick: Before meeting the press, the jazzed young lady gets a stern verbal railing about her new part as Miss America: Brand Ambassador.

4. Try not to contrast your period with an overthrow

Five thousand miles east, Miss Turkey 2017 apparently overlooked any get up and go talk she got. Itir Esen, 18, posted a cumbersome tweet about a year ago's endeavored upset - and got herself ousted hours in the wake of winning.

"I got my period on the morning of the July 15 saints' day. I'm denoting the day by seeping as a portrayal of the saints' blood," the teenaged champ composed.

Itir Esen postures for a picture for the 'Becoming dull' arrangement amid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul FW15 on March 16, 2015.

Turkey's President Erdogan frequently utilizes the term saints to allude to those executed in 2016's hostile to government uprising, yet tragically for Ms Esen her correlation was regarded impolite to the dead.

"It isn't workable for the Miss Turkey Organization, whose point is to elevate Turkey worldwide and to add to its picture, to acknowledge such a posting," exhibition supervisors sniffed.

In any case, the fallen ruler got off gently contrasted with another previous Miss Turkey. In 2016, one-time title-holder Merve Buyuksarac was given a 14-month suspended jail sentence for "offending the president" after she shared a sarcastic ballad via web-based networking media.

Previous Miss Turkey Merve Buyuksarac got stuck in an unfortunate situation for "annoying" the president

5. Need to challenge? Get consent, and go worldwide

Exhibition mentor Ms Hayes says title champs are given reams of agreements illustrating the standard of conduct expected of them.

These can be utilized to keep them in line - or pull the attachment on the grounds of "agreement break" in the event that they harm the show's image.

In October, 19-year-old Shwe Eain Si asserted she had been stripped of her Miss Grand Myanmar title since she made a realistic video about the viciousness in the nation's Rakhine state, pointing the finger at Rohingya activists for spreading it.

The glitzy young person may have expected a more thoughtful gathering in her country, where many view the Rohingya as illicit outsiders. However, abroad, with UN specialists cautioning of a "philanthropic bad dream", her perspectives would raise daunt - and terrible PR for her show.

The organization that delegated Shwe Eain Si, Hello Madam Media Group, told the BBC that she had not acted like a good example, and that the choice "does not concern... her Rakhine video".

Shwe Eain Si said the loss of her Miss Grand Myanmar title was political

Whichever side you trust, the inquiry remains: How to make a hard-hitting political point without falling foul of unstable event coordinators?

For what reason not take a prompt from Peru, and get them on side?

A week ago at Peru's Miss Universe Pageant, the 23 would-be victors presented stunning insights on savagery against ladies rather than their bust, abdomen and hip sizes.

The expo coordinators participate by earlier course of action, indicating news film about unmistakable sexual orientation based assaults.

The trick was praised far and wide - and had a noteworthy effect on watchers expecting the conventional bathing suit feature.

Media captionMiss Peru challengers feature savagery against ladies

The challenge's coordinator, Jessica Newton, told AFP: "Shockingly there are numerous ladies who don't know [about pervasive savagery against women], and think they are disconnected cases.

"I think the way that you are taking a gander at your territorial agent, at the ruler of your area of expertise [region], giving open and genuine figures about what is going on in our nation is disturbing."

In the not so distant future, the competitors intend to lead a walk featuring brutality against ladies in Peru's capital, Lima.