Management Information Systems Society


Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining the Management Information Systems Society! It means a great deal to the club leads that you are all willing to invest time into this organization and to gain valuable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. While we do not claim to be renown experts in the field, the leads promise to deliver an organization that will provide the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge for you all to succeed and secure your first internship/job!

As a reminder, this club is not yet officially recognized on campus so we have no funding on campus. However, as IS students, you have an incredible amount of power in dictating the quality of your education and program at UCR. We STRONGLY encourage you all to continually provide us feedback, allowing us to make not only a stronger club but also a stronger educational program!

Officer Applications

Hello everyone,

It goes without saying that this will be an extremely important decision to make. HOWEVER, because we are 1) unofficial and 2) highly underrepresented in SoBA. Please, please, please, if you are interested in maintaining this organization, apply!

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MISS Feedback Form

Because there isn't a lot of support or mentorship available for IS students, we highly recommend that you provide feedback to improve your program. Please fill out the below form as articulately and specifically as possible so that your student leaders and representatives can better serve you.

MISS Feedback Form