The Collection

Here is the ever evolving collection of @MississippiSon. Occasionally I offer some from my private collection for sale. Check them out under the SHOP tab.

Paw Paw's 1930's Gibson L-50

1968 Gibson B45-12

1986 Fender Squier Bullet (MIJ)

1980's Casio DG-20 Midi Guitar

1990's Yamaha EZ-AG (Black) and Yamaha EZ-EG Midi Guitars

My First Guitar, Dad's 3/4 Japanese Classical Guitar

My Daughter's Yamaha 1/2 Scale Classical

1950's Del Vecchio Supervox in Brazilian Rosewood

Venezuelan Cuatro

2019 Fender Daybreak Telecaster Limited Edition (~250 made)

B5 Bigsby added to the Telecaster

1970's Epiphone EA-250

2017 Gibson SG Fusion (Limited Edition)

2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC

1980's Cort Doublecut

1982 Westone Thunder II (Matsumoku MIJ)

2019 Yamaha FG-830

1990's Lotus (this one has been rewired, painted, everything)

Guitars that have been either sold or donated to charity.

Johnson Acoustic

1970s? Harmony H6600

1970's Terada F602 (Made in Japan Martin 000 copy)

1990's Fender DG-6

1980's Alvarez Artist 4103

1971 Hohner Contessa G70 (Made in Japan)

Yamaha SG500B

1974 Yamaha G-280A

1990's Yamaha EZ-AG

1988 Fender Stratocaster XII 12 string

1958 Kazuo Yairi Y400 Classical Guitar

DIY Guitar Kit

1970's Cortez J6000

1970's EA-250 (refinished in Natural)

1960's Del Vecchio Dinamico

Korean CL55

2016 Gibson 1967 Southern Jumbo (1 of only 65 made!!!)

2004 Gibson SG

1960's Sears and Roebuck Parlor Guitar

1960's Sear and Roebuck Parlor Guitar

1971 Gibson J-55

1960's Silvertone Archtop

1976 Gibson J45/50 (SOLD but searching for this one! I want to buy it back!)

Pair of Del Vecchio Supervox Classical Guitars (Maple on right has been SOLD)

1960's Del Vecchio Timbrevox

1970's Harmony H6365 (Mahogany Beauty!)

2018 Gibson Les Paul BFG

2019 Del Vecchio Supervox Cutaway

1970's Yamaha G-280 (Rare Classical Guitar, only available in Japan)

1976 Gibson J45/50 Sunburst

1970's Harmony Rocket H54