Miss Compos's

First Grade Class

Welcome to Miss Compos's class. This website is where you can find important information about what's happening in first grade.


Last Friday you were sent home with a bag that had a writing notebook, dice, and a library book. You were also sent student login info in your student’s folder. I will be sending home bags of work this week for the students in case school is closed. You will add the bag sent home last friday to this new bag. In the bag you will find everything that you need. Students are expected to do 20-30 minutes of reading, writing, math, and unified arts a day. In the student’s bag there is a red folder. In this folder you will find a schedule that lists everything the students could do to complete the 20-30 minutes of each subject. All materials for each option will be in the bag. In the red folder will also be other materials students may need.

XtraMath is an online math program that focuses on fact fluency. Students have never done this program before in the classroom, but I sent home a login sheet if this is something that your child would be interested in. After figuring out the controls, students should be able to complete this easily on their own and progress at their own level!

Let Ms. Frizzle teach your child about fighting germs with this read aloud of The Magic School Bus Fights Germs!

Math Card Games

Below are two websites that offer many math games to play with your child. These are perfect to play with your deck of cards that were sent home. Count these as your math activity. Meaningful learning is fun!




The leading digital library for kids offering unlimited access to 35000 of the best children's books of all time. Epic is a website where students can find lots of books! The students can read the books themselves, or have them read to them. Epic is only available for free during school hours. Have fun exploring!

If you are looking for more sight words to practice with your child check out this website. We use Fry sight words. Ask children to identify words and practice the ones that they do not know. Below are two fun activities you could do to practice your words. https://sightwords.com/sight-words/fry/#lists

Check out these reading practice suggestions. There are so many different ways that you can make reading fun!

Check out this amazing spring poem written by one of my first graders. I love to see children writing.

Go check out my read aloud of "Are We Still Friends" at https://youtu.be/DdjjtqkARQw.

After reading have your child talk about the characters, setting, problem, and solution. You could also have a discussion with them about what it means to be a friend.

Check out my read aloud! This is one of my favorite books from childhood. I hope your children love it too!


Look at this amazing writing done by one of your classmates! She used so many details in her narrative. I love that she was telling us how she felt in that moment, but overcame her fear!

Check out all of this awesome work!! Miss Compos is so proud of all of you for working so hard during remote learning.

Here's two of your friends practicing their reading fluency. I hope you all continue to have a love for reading!

I know that you will all go so far in life. I believe in you all and I always will. I know you will do so many amazing things!

Remember when we made paper plate mazes for STEM. You all had so much fun! It was awesome to see all of the creative designs you made. Have you done any fun STEM projects at home? I know one of our friends made a rainbow with just cups, paper towels, and food coloring!

First Graders,

I miss you. I miss reading together on this rug. I miss watching you explore all of the new library books I would bring in each week. I miss watching you work so hard at your tables. I miss seeing you work together and being kind to one another. While our time was cut short, you will always be my first students and you will forever be in my heart.

Using a toothpick and playdoh is such a great way to practice writing your sight words! I love how this student spread out a big piece of playdoh, like a piece of paper!