The Do’s and Don’ts of Waxing Your Armpits

If you're someone who always prefers shaving your body, the quick and large hair growth might not be a surprising fact for you, is it? There isn't any doubt in saying that using the electric shaver or razor escalates the growth of your body hair and moreover, it may even lead to the unwanted cuts. This is one of the major reasons why women today often opt for waxing as their ultimate solution to get a smooth and hair-free body especially when it comes to the armpits. Do you know that using hard wax on your underarms help you get rid of the unwanted hairs for weeks? However, it is worth noting that, regardless of the waxing kit you choose, waxing your underarms is perhaps a painful procedure and the only possible way to reduce that unbearable pain is to opt for hard wax.

Often termed as stripless wax, hard wax doesn’t require additional strips or clothes to pull out the hairs from your armpits. Here are some essential dos and don’ts you must take into the account prior to heading on to the procedure:

Do Prepare Before Using Hard Wax for Your Armpits

The better your waxing kit is the lesser will be the pain you need to undergo. Be it the soft wax comprising strips, wax, and roller, or the super quality hard wax; make sure to consider the essential steps listed below to get your underarms waxed with ease:

Exfoliate Before Using The Hard Waxing Kit

In order to make your waxing procedure comfortable and easy, exfoliate the area to be waxed. Exfoliation makes your body hair smooth and opens the hair follicles. In addition to this, exfoliation is widely preferred to avoid the growth of ingrown hair. Whilst the utmost probability of ingrown hair growth is on your armpits, exfoliating your entire body, not just prior to your waxing procedure, but at least 1-2 times a week, may help you get rid of spots, sun tanning, and dead skin cells.

Wash And Dry

The excessive sweat or deodorant on your armpits can negatively affect your wax. Hence, prior to applying the hard wax on your underarms wash them thoroughly with warm water, let them dry, and then begin the process.

Trim If Needed

In order to get the best possible outcome with minimum pain, ensure that the hairs of your armpits aren't longer than 0.6 centimeters. If it's bigger than the mentioned length, use trimmers or scissors to cut it down to the quarter of an inch.

Opt For Pain Relievers Or Numbing Cream

It is very obvious to say that waxing would definitely lead to pain. However, you could reduce it to some extent by taking a painkiller an hour before the session. Alternatively, apply the pain numbing cream to the section you're going to wax.

Powder Up Before Waxing

Applying the cornstarch or talcum powder on your underarms prior to the waxing session will help absorb any moisture or oil of your skin. Making the armpits dry will help the wax to stick to your hairs properly and rip off the same in one go.

Don’t Forget To Test The Wax Temperature

Since cold wax doesn’t spread evenly, you’re required to warm up the hard wax before applying it on your armpits. To evaluate if the wax is appropriately heated, test it by applying it on your palm. Make sure that neither your wax should be too cold nor should it be too warm to scald your skin. Of course, if you’re going for cold waxing strips, the temperature doesn’t matter.

Do Make Sure To Lift Your Arm High

While waxing, lift your arm as much high to avoid loose skin from getting injured during the waxing session. Make sure that the tighter your skin is the less painful and better would be the outcome.

Do Take Precautions To Protect Your Clothing

When waxing your underarms, the things are probable to get messy. To preserve your outfit, it is worth wrapping your body with a towel. Alternatively, you could either wear some old clothes or get your wax done while unclothed.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes After Waxing

There isn’t any specific remedy to avoid the painful waxing procedure. But, wearing tight clothes may lead to further irritation and rashes. Hence, wear some loose-fitting and airy attire while undergoing the procedure.

Don’t Wax The Same Area Twice

It is essential to note that waxing the same area more than once could cause you unnecessary rashes and irritation especially if you have sensitive skin. So either thread or tweeze any remaining hairs rather than having it waxed again.

So having read the above-listed features of armpit waxing, what are you waiting for? Opt for the top-most waxing kit and clean your shaggy underarms with ease. Good Luck!