Before Waxing Session Every Esthetician Should Ask The Client

As a businessperson, you must know that all your customers are your providers and patrons. They should be treated like there is no one more important than them. In order to win their hearts, you have to make the extra effort to get to know them. Appointments should be more like interactive sessions where communication is a priority. Beauty gurus are always in constant search for improvements, and there is no better way to develop your skills than asking for a feedback.

Waxing experts have a good understanding of how each skin type is different from the other and what products are better suited to each skin type. They are even well-aware of schedules before and after waxing their clients must follow in order to decrease after effects of waxing.

As an expert, it is important to get to know your clients better so that you can provide your services to each customer independently. It is necessary to keep your appointment interactive. If you are not sure, here are a few things you can ask:

What is Your Skin Type?

Usually it is best to ask this question first so that you can get an idea of how to go about providing the service. You can ask if their skin is oily, or is it dry? Or even sensitive? There are different wax available for all skin types. Asking in advance makes things easier for you and it also makes you appear professional!

Do You Have Any Skin Ailments?

Asking this question will again help you to decide whether the customer should get their hair waxed. Suffering from skin conditions like acne, rashes, warts or even dermatitis may result in worsening their disease. If, however, they are able to give a consent letter from their medical care-taker, then there are certain things you should follow and you are good to go!

Hair removal wax and wax warmer systems can be harmful to those with diseases. You must make sure to avoid the diseased area so as to not magnifying their condition. Also, recommending that the customer should visit a skin-care specialist is best for both you and them!

Do You Have Prior Waxing Experience?

It is necessary to know the customer’s history in waxing since people new to waxing have to be introduced. Also, if a client with waxing history wishes to alter the procedure of getting hair removed, it will be convenient.

Have You Ever Experienced After-Effects?

Clients who are not getting waxed for their first or second time can be asked this one. It's best to ask them if they have allergic after effects or how long did the reaction last? You will be able to avoid the faults made before!

What Are Your Expectations?

It is best to know the demands of your client before you actually get to waxing. If for example, if a customer desires a different hair removal wax. You can meet with all their wishes and even exceed all expectations!

What Do You Apply?

Hair wax removal and wax warmer systems can be damaging if moisturizers aren’t properly applied. You should ask the customer which essential oils, moisturizing creams, or sunscreen do they apply, in order to check up on there before and after waxing care schedules.

It is efficient to ask questions before beginning any waxing sessions. It is also appealing to the customers since they can detect a sense of professionalism by the type of questions you ask. You can even make a document for each customer, keeping a track of their skin-care schedules, including these questions. Like it is believed, communication solves most of the problems and enhances growth opportunities.