Rational Expressions & Equations

Rationals Unit Timeline.docx

Unit Timeline

Pre-Requisite Skills (Complete).pdf
6.0 Pre-requisite Skills Worksheet (Factoring).pdf
Pre-Requisite Skills Worksheet (Simplifying).pdf

Pre-Requisite Skills

Notes we would have completed in class are the top file. Review worksheets part 1 and 2 listed below.

6.1 Rational Expressions (Complete).pdf

6.1 Rational Expressions

6.2 Multiplying & Dividing (Complete).pdf

6.2 Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions

6.3 Add & Subtract Rationals Level 1 (Complete).pdf

6.3 Adding & Subtracting Rationals (Level 1)

Quiz & work block tomorrow.

6.3 Level 2 Add & Subtract Rationals (Complete).pdf

6.3 Adding & Subtracting Rationals (Level 2)

6.4 Solving Rational Equations (Level 1).pdf

6.4 Solving Rational Equations (Level 1)

6.4 Solving Equations: Applications.pdf

6.4 Applications of Rational Equations

Review Part 2.pdf
Add & Subtract Rational Expressions.pdf

Re-Test Review Packages

Re-test on Tuesday. I will have paper copies of these available for you Monday, but you're welcome to get a head start this weekend!