Miss Gigliotti's Virtual Classroom

Hi all my little friends! I miss you all so much! This is going to be our new classroom for a little bit. I know it's different, but we can still make it fun!

Parents, I will be updating this site as needed. I am starting simple, as to not overwhelm myself and families. On this site you will find different links for academic programs, activities, and videos and pictures for the kids to engage with!

To start, I have created a flexible schedule to help structure your child's day. In this schedule, you will see time blocks of different activities and ideas for students to engage with. Please, remember, this is by no means mandatory. It is just a virtual classroom schedule to try and support both the students and parents as we navigate and attempt remote learning. Let this schedule serve as a flexible structure/guide to give yourself some relief trying to plan things for your child every day.

If you have any feedback on the schedule, please do not hesitate to give it!

Please Note: I have created an assignment for each activity in the schedule on Seesaw. If your child completes an activity and wants to share their work, it can be posted under the assignment completed!


Virtual Learning Schedule

Below are the direct links to the sites in which all students can set up an account! Please reach out if you need any support with these sites/programs!




Below you will find a game called "Animal Crawl." We have played this game in school several times and the kids absolutely love it. First, you will need to make a set of game cards. All you need to do is label 10 index cards or paper with the numbers 10-100, counting by 10s. For example, 10, 20, 30, etc. Then, have your child spread those cards around the room. Pull up the Slides presentation to the left, and the students know what to do next! Flip through the slides and find all the numbers! This game is great for movement and number identification. It also reinforces the skill of counting by 10s! HAVE FUN :)

Animal Crawl

Below are direct links to some of the students' favorite videos. These videos can be used as brain breaks, movement activities, and many are also academic.

These videos focus on Math and movement

Subitize to 5

Subitize to 10

Workout to 100

Count by 10s

These videos focus on ELA and movement

Letter Sounds



These videos focus on movement

Tooty Ta

Boom Chicka Boom

Family Song

These videos are Cosmic Kids Yoga


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Spider Man

The Very Hungry Caterpillar