Other Tips and Miscellaneous Stuff

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts in Chrome

If you have multiple Gmail accounts and are not yet using the "Manage People" feature in Chrome, then watching Kasey Bell's "You're Doing it Wrong!" video is an absolute must. This is one of the best tips I have ever learned and helps you keep your sanity when toggling back and forth between accounts.

Use Preview (Mac) and Instant Alpha to remove the background from an image

If you have a Mac and want to remove the background of an image, you can you Instant Alpha to remove the background, even if the background is "busy". Watch my short video on how to do it.

Instant Alpha.mp4

Lower your EquatIO Equations using Subscript

While it is possible to type text right in the EquatIO editor, I prefer to leave my text out so I have more formatting options. EquatIO equations are lowerd just a tad when you insert them, but you can use Subscript formatting as a workaround to lower them.

Lower the Equation - Google Docs.webm