Painted Toughened Glass

MISGLASS have a Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing equipment from Dip-Tech, digital ceramic in-glass printing is applied to interior and exterior glass design.

Digitally-Mixed Color Precision & High Definition Printing.

Industry standards for durability.

Resistance to scratching, UV & Weather.

Wide range of colors.

Finishing Process

-Flat Toughened Glass & Curved Toughened Glass

-Lamination Glass & Insulated Glass Unit

Printed Glass Applications:

Interior & Exterior



Manufacturing capabilities

Print Resolution: 720 DPI

Thicknesses: 3-19mm

Max Size 2400 x 12000mm

NB: Custom Sizes available on request.

Ceramic Printing inks

Ferro Ceramic ink and Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic ink.

UV Resistant: Above 20 years UV resistant.

Temperature: -30°C ~ 65°C

Acid Resistant: Strict chemical resistance, same level as ASTM C724-91(2005)

Humid Resistant: All colors have been evaluated and show no visible sign of attack of leachability by water.

Scratch Resistant: Braive Scelometer>16 N

Braive: Mok's hardness > 6

Ceramic ink: Suitable for exterior application surface 2

Wide color palette: According to RAL and PANTONE

Ceramic inks Colors

Using 6 basic colors: black, white, red, orange, blue, and green


Standard Poly-wood Crates.

Papers or PE Papers as interleaves between the glass sheets.

Quality Standards

AS/NZS 2208-1996. EN 12150