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Hello, we are the Misbehaviors of Barcelona!

Behavioral science is an interdisciplinary field, yet within behavioral science there is not enough interaction among economists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists, biologists and others. Many times, good research is derived from collaborations among people from different fields. Inspired by Nobel laureate, Prof. Richard Thaler, we proposed an informal venue for doctoral researchers in the Barcelona area as a platform to present early-stage research ideas, propose discussion topics, critique experimental design, with an emphasis on social time right after the sessions. The first Misbehaviors meetup was held in November, 2018. Since the inaugural meeting, we have built a strong network of interdisciplinary researchers from UPF, UAB, UB, ESADE, IESE, and other institutions.

In addition to our informal approach throughout the year, we were sponsored by Universitat Pompeu Fabra to host a research seminar to showcase the research our members have developed over the year while encouraging participation from as many PhD students as possible. The 1st Annual Barcelona Misbehaviors Meeting was held on June 20th, 2019. The program is available here.

If you would like to become a member or have any questions, please let us know at bcnexperiment@gmail.com

Upcoming events!

7th Misbehaviors Talk

Date: TBD





AdriĆ  Bronchal (ESADE)

Eriselda Danaj (IESE Business School)

Jessica Ellis (UAB)

Josep Gisbert (UPF)

David Puig (UPF)

Alina Velias (City, University of London)

Tingting Wu (UAB)

Shohei Yamamoto (UPF)

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Waiting for you to join.