New Orleans Election

Hi New Orleanians! Celeste Lay and I are doing some research on the mayoral runoff election in New Orleans and would love to see any flyers that you receive about the election! Can you help us out? It is really easy.

Step 1: Take a picture of the front and back of any flyer you get.

Step 2: Email it to mholman[at] or jlay[at]

Step 3: Recycle as usual!

Why are we doing this?

We want to understand what issues the campaigns focus on, as well as who appears in their ads and how they describe themselves. We are also very interested in ads by Political Action Committees (PACs) who have been active in the race. Political scientists know very little about PACs in local politics and we'd love to know about their activity in this election!

What will we do with the ads?

We will look at the issues, traits, and foci of these mailers. We won't contact you. We won't sell your information. We won't ask you for anything else.

Who are we?

We are two associate professor of political science at Tulane. We study things like gender and race in local politics. We also ran a poll on the first round of the election that did a pretty good job of predicting who was going to win: