Revised step-by-step guide!

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First things first:


  • Mi WiFi Router MINI - Check here!
  • PC or Laptop
  • Ethernet or LAN Cable
  • USB Flash Drive (formatted to NTFS) - Check here!
  • Internet Connection



  • Google Chrome
  • Notepad
  • Command Prompt


  • Sim Card Remover Tool or Ejector Tool
  • Small pin or toothpick will do

Enable Telnet in your Windows by simply checking the Telnet Client option in Programs and Features.

A. Format Mi Wifi Mini to Dev ROM:

  1. Connect you PC or Laptop to the LAN port of your MINI using a LAN or Ethernet cable. If your MINI firmware is running in Dev ROM already, skip this step and jump into step #3.
  2. If your MINI is still in Stable ROM, then format it to Dev ROM. Check this guide
  3. After formatting your MINI into Dev ROM, it's IP Address or Gateway will become
  4. Open in your Chrome browser and carefully follow this step or else you're going back into step #1 in able to solve the puzzle.
  5. Make sure you set the username as admin and password as adminadmin to avoid short term memory loss.

username: admin

password: adminadmin

Note: This is a very important part of this Tut.

6. Upon entering the Router's main page, set your focus on its url or address bar shown as below.

Copy the stok ID and paste it to Notepad.

B. Getting access to Telnet

Warning! Carefully follow this Tut to avoid bricking your router.

  • 1. B. Save the breed-mt7620-xiaomi-mini.bin Bootloader to your USB Flashdrive and plug it to your MINI's USB port.
  • 2. On the MINI's page, copy and paste this url and replace it to the url of your MINI to access Telnet.;stok=/api/xqnetwork/set_wifi_ap?ssid=whatever&encryption=NONE&enctype=NONE&channel=1%3B%2Fusr%2Fsbin%2Ftelnetd

Before you press "Enter" in your keyboard, copy the stok ID that you put in your Notepad earlier. And then paste it after the stok=

It'll look like this now only with your own stok ID,;stok=26d9df3b6b1f7d207405d65f9adb/api/xqnetwork/set_wifi_ap?ssid=whatever&encryption=NONE&enctype=NONE&channel=1%3B%2Fusr%2Fsbin%2Ftelnetd

then press "Enter" and it should return an Error Code.1616. Just ignore it.

  • 3. Again, copy-paste this link and replace it to the previous url.;stok=/api/xqsystem/set_name_password?oldPwd=adminadmin&newPwd=adminadmin

Paste the stok ID after the stok= and press "Enter". It must return an Error Code.0

  • 4. Open Command Prompt and type


  • 5. Login by typing

root as username and adminadmin as your password

  • 6. Type this command,

cd /extdisks/sda1/


  • 7. Type this command,

ls -l

"Enter" and you should see breed-mt7620-xiaomi-mini.bin file on the list.

  • 8. Type this command,

cat /proc/mtd

"Enter" and you will see list of mtd partitions.

  • 9. Look for 00030000 00010000 “Bootloader”; and create a backup by typing this command,

dd if=/dev/mtd1 of=/extdisks/sda1/Bootloader.bin

"Enter" and it will create a backup file into USB Flash drive.

  • 10. Now you're finally ready to flash the Custom Bootloader by typing this command,

mtd -r write breed-mt7620-xiaomi-mini.bin Bootloader

"Enter' and it will start installing then automatically reboot when it is done.

Hint: Do not trust your MINI's led light color indication. Check for the Network Icon on System Tray and you will see if the router has completed it's reboot when the icon indicated already that a network connection has been established or identified. If this is done, then proceed to next guide, Letter C.

C. Boot into Breed to Flash Padavan Firmware:

Warning! Carefully follow this Tut to avoid bricking your router.

  1. Download the Padavan firmware and save it to your PC or Laptop.
  2. Power off your router by unplugging its power adapter.
  3. Grab the sim card ejector or pin or toothpick if the first and second item is not available. Push that tiny hole at the back of the router, keep it steady-do not release yet then plug the power adapter into router at the same time for 15 seconds. Wait for the led light indicator at the front of the router to blink twice repeatedly then release and took a deep breath, that's hard I know.
  4. Go to back to your PC and type,

"Enter" and it will show the configuration page for Breed Bootloader.

5. Click on the second button on the left panel shown in the image above. Click 'Choose File' and open the Padavan Firmware then Click 'OK button'.

6. Wait till the installation is done.

7. If it is done. Unplugged the power adapter of the router. Count for 20 seconds then boot to Bootloader again by pressing the tiny hole with a pin or a toothpick then plug the power adapter to the router and hold it for 15 seconds.

8. If you see the blue led light blinking twice at a time, it means it booted already into Bootloader.

9. Open Reset the settings by clicking the '5TH button' on the left panel then click 'Submit Button' shown as below.

10. It will automatically reboot into the newly Padavan Firmware. Navigate though the system configuration by typing

Congratulations for surviving this Tutorial. Welcome to the new world of your MI WIFI ROUTER MINI.

We are giving all the credits to the original creator of this thread, lapy90 and Prometheus.

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