Miranda Lane

Instagram: miranda_lanes_art

Miranda Lane......

Miranda is a self-taught Artist and Spiritual Intuitive. She was born into the Wolf Clan of the Kaska First Nation. She paints intuitively from her heart, capturing the gifts of Mother Earth. You will find spirit animals delivering messages in many of her paintings. Nature plays a large role in Miranda's work, reflecting the importance of our interconnectedness with all things and beings.

Sacred Bear

He shares his gift of meditation and introspection after his long visit to dreamtime during hibernation. He reminds us how important it is to take quiet time for ourselves, to be still, and to listen to our hearts. (30x40 acylic) $998

The Messenger

Raven brings us powerful, wise messages. And a reminder to pay attention to our dreams and visions. Something amazing is about to happen! (18x24 mixed media) SOLD

Silver Loon

Silver loon takes us deep into the depths of water and our subconscious. Dreamtime, meditation and journalling bring us important messages!

(30x24 acrylic) $579.00 SOLD!

She Who Listens....

Close your eyes and listen to the wind against your face. Listen to the messages from Mother Earth. Listen to the voices of our brothers and sisters. Listen to the wisdom of our feathered friends and animal guides. Feel your own heart beat like the rhythm of a drum, and know that this universal sound is known all over our planet! Rejoice in the moonlight, that reaches out to touch each and every one of us! (24x36) $859

The Wise One

He has travelled far and wide on his journey. He accepts and acknowledges his gifts of wisdom and teachings. His confident bellow is a positive force echoed throughout the forest, encouraging all of us on our own path. (16x20) $288.00

Chickadee Messages

They bring us the courage to adjust and adapt to our circumstances. Their curiosity, flexibility and truthfulness are gifts shared with grace. They remind us to listen to the raindrops!

(12x24) $269

Northern Dream Dancers

It is known that the ancestral spirits bring messages and healing to their loved ones on earth through the northern lights. Infinite gratitude for the everlasting magic of the dancing lights. (24x24) $588

Life's Journey

Turtle helps us cultivate our relationship with Mother Earth. She helps us understand the circle of life and the appreciation of family. (14x11) $159

Northern Solitude

The majestic white bear teaches us perseverance and gratitude. He walks confidently and peacefully, accepting his surroundings. He is grateful for the snow, the cold, and the solitude. (12x12) $165