Miradry Treatment

Dermatologists Provide Combination Therapies for Patients With Various Needs

Many people who seek treatment from a dermatologist have more than one problem related to the skin. An example would be a patient who is embarrassed by excessive underarm sweating and also is distressed at how noticeable the facial fine lines and wrinkles are becoming. The dermatologist may provide miradry treatment for the perspiration issue and platelet-rich-plasma therapy for skin rejuvenation.

Things to Know About Hyperhidrosis

Chronic excessive perspiration is medically known as hyperhidrosis, and it can affect other parts of the body as well. The armpits tends to be an area where many people perspire when they are overheated or do vigorous exercise; this is normal. When the perspiration is noticeably heavy or keeps occurring during normal temperatures and moderate activity, hyperhidrosis may be the reason.

MiraDry for Excessive Underarm Sweating

The device miraDry has been approved in the United States and Europe to treat excessive sweating at the underarms. The equipment eliminates odor glands, a certain type of sweat gland, under the arms. Dermatologists generally only recommend it after the patient has tried more conservative measures, including prescription-strength anti-perspirants. Many people cannot resolve their problems by applying these products, however.

Some individuals worry that eliminating underarm sweat glands disrupts the body's ability to cool itself. But fewer than 2 percent of the total sweat glands are located there, so this is not a concern. People tend to notice their underarm sweat the most because of the odor.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma for Skin Rejuvenation

Dermatologists offering this technique inject patients with their own platelets. Plasma can be enriched with platelets up to 700 percent. The result is the stimulation of collagen growth that increases youthful plumpness to the skin. Collagen production slows significantly as people age. Boosting production effectively fills in lines and wrinkles to a large extent. Patients also find that the texture and tone of their skin improves.

PRP may be performed as a combination treatment along with laser therapy for skin improvements. This boosts the positive effects without resorting to more invasive procedures.

Patients who are interested in PRP for skin enhancements along with laser therapy, or miraDry for hyperhidrosis, may contact a clinic such as Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics.