Hi! :) My name is Minsuk Chang.

I'm a PhD student at KAIST in the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, advised by Juho Kim. I build interactive systems powered by statistical inference on large scale interaction. I am an active member of KIXLAB since its day one, and we're part of the bigger HCI@KAIST group.

Best way to reach me : first_name at cs.kaist.ac.kr

Want to meet? : here's my schedule.

What I do:

  • {HCI Systems}: I build systems that support interaction at scale.
  • {Statistical Inference}: I seek interactive ways machine learning and statistical inference can communicate to real world users.
  • {Naturally Crowdsourced Data}: I'm extremely interested in understanding (results of) (suboptimal/boundedly rational) human decision making processes, that are naturally crowdsourced, e.g., cooking recipes, tutorials, github repos, etc.
  • {Peer Learning}: I spend a lot of my time thinking about ways we can improve learning at scale through peer learning.

How I got here:

I have training in Computer Science, Financial Engineering from KAIST, Finance from Simon Graduate School of Business @ University of Rochester, and Statistics from Rutgers University. I have worked at an Hedge Fund in NYC trying to beat the market by crunching numbers and relentlessly writing code prior to coming (back) to KAIST. I've spent a couple of years in the Reinforcement Learning (as a subfield of Machine Learning) research group at KAIST before joining KIXLAB (the KAIST Interaction Lab).