Articles about the many ways Ikes are involved in land stewardship projects in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York plus articles on mindsets about land use management. John Crampton continues to stimulate thought on the resolution process and provide info on The Rise of Green Hydrogen.

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Further recognition of special Ikes, spotlight on the new London Chapter, holding Clean Water, Land Legacy fund uses accountable, MN Ikes member recognized in StarTribune, mentoring a friend, new PA Division President, John Detisch, and more.

The Importance of the Minnesota Environmental Fund, Taking Stock of Our Natural World​, Our Changing Advocate Landscape, Green Step Cities Celebrates 10th Anniversary, and more.

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President's Letter - Craig Sterle "Of Orchids and Dandelions - Solastalgia - Generational Blindness – and Jodi Mitchell"; ASTM’s New Standard on Hydraulic Fracturing; Conservation Issues Update; CALL FOR 2019 RESOLUTIONS; 2019 State Convention & Annual Meeting Agenda and Registration.

President's Letter - Craig Sterle "Evolution of the Minnesota Division"; Notes from the Fall Board; 2019 Strategic Plan; Conservation Issues Update; Upper Mississippi River Initiative; Energy Committee Update; THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS; Fond Farewell; Fay Harrington Memorial Forest; Winter Board of Directors Weekend; Join the Environmental Issues Committee.

President's Letter - Craig Sterle "The Importance of Energy - Part 3"; Notes from the National Convention, Report on Upper Mississippi River Initiative; Notes from the Summer Gathering & Board of Directors'; Ikes in the News; New staff Piper Donlin; Fall Board of Directors' & Strategic Planning info; Help needed to host 2021 National Convention and more.

President's Letter - Craig Sterle "The Importance of Energy - Part 2"; Ikes Step Up for Conservation!; Notes from the Annual Meeting; 2018 Issues Resolutions; Awards Honorees; Announcement Summer Gathering & Board of Directors'; Help Us Host the National Convention.

President's Letter - Craig Sterle "The Importance of Energy"; Don Arnosti - new Division Employee; Notes from the Mid-winter IWLA Board meeting; Notes from the Winter Minnesota Division board meeting; Call for Resolutions; Call for Silent Auction Items; Call for Awards Nominations; Annual Meeting & State Convention information.

President's Letters - Craig Sterle (new) & John Crampton (retired); Upper Mississippi River Program; Cedar River Monitoring; In Memoriam: Paul Toren & Erika Sitz; Chapter Energy Program announced; Fall Board of Directors' notes; A Big Thank You to our Donors

President's Letter; Are You Satisfied With Your Outdoor Experience?; Fall Meeting information; News from the National Convention; Len Anderson; Scholarship Winner announced.

President's Letter; Legislative session wrap-up; Annual Meeting; Elections; Resolutions; Awards; Scholarship Auction; Turtles; Cal Fremling Boat Tour and the Upper Mississippi River Initiative; Summer BOD Announcement; Factory Farms & Vertical Integration

President's Letter; Problems Posed by PolyMet; Protect the BWCAW's Watershed; News from the Winter Meeting; Mid-winter IWLA Board meeting; Annual Meeting agenda; Call for Resolutions; Make Awards Nominations; Silent Auction Items needed; Water Action Day; Dakota Access Pipeline; Protect Our Pollinators.

President's Letter -DAPL; What Hath We Wrought - Don Arnosti; Buffer Law Implementation - Jill Crafton; Fall Board of Directors'- Rich Staffon; Great Lakes Ballast Water Project - Rich Staffon; The Pipleline Paradox - Craig Sterle; Thank You to Our Donors & Volunteers!; 2016-2017 Scholarship Winners; Winter Strategic Planning & Board of Directors information.

President's Letter: I am Proud to Be an Ike; National Convention; 2016 IWLA Issues Resolutions; Summer BOD Notes; Larry Dolphin Honored; Conservation Issues' Chair Don Arnosti: Sweating the Details; Gary Clancy WMA Memorial; Deep Portage Learning Camp; Fall Gathering & Board of Directors information.

President's Letter (newly elected President John Crampton; Welcome to New Division President by former President Barry Drazkowski; 2016 Legislative Session; News from the Annual Meeting & State Convention; New Officers elected; 2016 Resolutions; In Memoriam: Phil Hinderaker and Al Layman; Spring Appeal.

President's Letter; 2016 Environmental Issues priorities; Chapter news; Report from Winter BOD; 2016 Annual Meeting & State Convention.

President's Letter; Stop PolyMet!; News from the Fall BOD weekend; Kristi Harrington's Tiny House; Call for Awards Nominations; Fossil Fuels; Winter Gathering & BOD info.

Thank You Julie Henricksson!; President's Letter - Ikes Press Forward!; Of Moose & Sharptails; Scholarship Winners; Notes from the Minnesota Division Summer BOD & National Convention; Fall Gathering & BOD Meeting; and more.

All articles written in the following editions of the Waltonian (unless otherwise specified) are written by former Editor Julie Henricksson. THANK YOU JULIE!

President's Letter; Tar Sands Resistance March; Citizen's Day at the Capitol; Minnesota Division Annual Meeting notes; 2015 Resolutions; Election of Officers; Lois Martinetto and Kristi Harrington Loftis; For the Love of Birds (book review); Char Brooker Awarded; Summer BOD information/registration

President's Letter: Issues & Action; Fifth Annual Legacy Forum; Roads Taking Their Toll on Turtles; MN GreenStep Cities; Call for Resolutions; Award Nominations; Annual Meeting Registration/Information.

President's Letter: Threat to Wetlands Conservation Act; Issues Committee priorities; Jill Crafton; Fall Board Notes; Chapter News; Winter Board of Directors' and Strategic Planning Meeting announcement; Thank you to Volunteers and Donors; New Member Offer; Forest Memorials; Watershed 2015 Summit date announced.

Welcome Don Arnosti to the Environmental Issues team!; New Member Offer; Summer Board Notes; Chapter News; Impacts of Bakken oil in Minnesota; Suggested reading; SNA Update; and news from the National Convention.

President's Letter "Renew Yourself & Engage"; News from the Annual Meeting & State Convention; Awards; Scholarship Auction; Issues Resolutions; Obituary - George Barthel; Natural Playgrounds; Wood Duck Houses Project; Summer BOD announcement and info.

President's Letter "Thank You, Ikes"; Winter Board & Strategic Planning summaries; Farm Bill recap; PolyMet SDEIS public meetings; Monarch Butterfly's dwindling numbers; Watershed Summit recap; Managing Minnesota's Water event recap; Minnesota Valley State Trail; Scholarship program; Call for Awards nominations & Resolutions; Annual Meeting & State Convention agenda & registration.

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