Free Application Opportunities

2018-2019 Free Application Opportunities at Minnesota Colleges and Universities

As Minnesota high school students think about applying to college, application fees should not be a barrier. Some Minnesota colleges and universities do not charge application fees or they don’t charge fees at certain times of the year.

For all students

There are many opportunities for students to apply at no charge at some institutions. Download the complete list of where - and when - students can apply to Minnesota postsecondary institutions without a fee during 2018 College Knowledge Month and through the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Some colleges never require an application fee; sometimes this offer is limited to applications submitted online.
  • Some colleges waive the application fee for the month of October.
  • Some colleges waive the application fee for one week in late October.

For students from low-income families

Every day of the year, students from families with modest incomes can apply at no charge using a NACAC fee waiver at the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State colleges and universities and the nonprofit colleges that are members of the Minnesota Private College Council. High school counselors and college admission staff can help a student make these arrangements. Eligibility information and the fee waiver form is available here.